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A Twitter subscription can cost $ 3 per month


Twitter is the expected repetition function can have a name and a price. Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong says she has found things i suggest this service be called Blue and start at $ 3 per month. Your ad can find you a number of items that have already been published, including Bring Tweets and Collections that allow you to create saved notes.

The function can include a number of components that provide additional functionality, Wong he added. He also said that the more expensive approach could include the form of reading without Twitter recent availability of the Scroll.

Twitter declined to comment on Engadget.

If right, these ideas don’t surprise, Twitter can set a lower price for as many popular courts as possible, but attract more dedicated fans who want to pay more. Along with Tip Jar, Blue will be part of the work to reduce Twitter’s reliance on advertisements and boost its revenue. Whether it works or not is another matter, yes – many are used on Twitter to be comfortable, and there is no guarantee that even regular users pay to upgrade their social networking sites.

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