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Twitter brings NFTs to history photos, but only to Twitter Blue subscribers only

Twitter offers NFT enthusiasts a pay for Twitter Blue subscription. The company is experimenting with a new feature that allows NFT owners to verify the NFTs that are displayed on their images.

The show, which is presented as the first episode for Twitter Blue subscribers, it allows NFT owners to connect their crypto wallet to their Twitter account and display NFT as their icon. While many NFT owners already use technology on their images, Twitter Blue will also add a sign indicating that NFT has been verified and the person behind the account is the owner of the piece.

Although only Twitter Blue subscribers can access the feature, a sure sign will be visible to everyone on Twitter. And some users will be able to draw a hexagon symbol to learn more about NFT on the image.


Although Twitter has already done so that it is in the process of verifying NFT, it is clear that it may choose to give the form to Twitter Blue subscribers first, the Company released $ 3 / month. in November, in an effort to attract potential consumers. The NFT side is “still in its infancy,” according to the company, and it is not known if it plans to launch a major one. Twitter has previously stated that the first “labs” are experiments that can be found outside of Twitter Blue, stored for subscribers, or killed entirely.

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