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Airbnb will provide travel insurance this year

Airbnb knows you probably don’t want to book to be while the COVID-19 epidemic makes travel extremely dangerous, so it plans to offer its own protection. Borrowing job has revealed will introduce travel insurance for guests sometime in the spring. While the terms are not available, Airbnb will partner with “known” insurers to provide assistance.

The company has also set up a Guest COVID Support Program that pays for other travelers such as border closures, solitude time or other government policies that make existing reservation impossible. If the recipient does not refund the full amount, Airbnb will offer a 50 percent travel coupon for any non-refundable item. This app applies to all with a start date of December 1, 2021 or later, so you may want to contact Airbnb if your vacation plans are disrupted.

There is no secret behind the path. The Airbnb business has been hit hard by the epidemic, and the Omicron version of the COVID-19 is only adding to the concerns of receptionists and visitors who expect the worst to happen after them. First-party insurance and coupons can attract others who may be willing to reserve a place of residence when they are at home.

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