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Toyota buys Lyft driving for $ 550m


Lyft is selling Toyota’s own autonomous car for $ 550m, another example of the hopes that have faded among the dividing parties on robotic taxi journeys.

The partnership is fueling Toyota’s efforts to keep the actual production from going to “other” operational vehicles.

Lyft President John Zimmer predicted in 2016 that non-motorized vehicles would “count Many trips to Lyft within five years ”, but the prediction proved to be substantial. Zimmer also predicted that by 2025 “private cars will be eliminated in major US cities”.

As of February last year, Lyft donated more 100,000 “He got in the car” – suffice it to say it has “the most public transport in the US” – but the security guard was always behind the wheel and Lyft struggled to get to the next level.

Lyft’s departure follows in the footsteps of Uber, a US counterpart, who in December abandoned his in-person experiments with 1,200 people to build a non-motorized vehicle and paid fellow Aurora $ 400m to take over a business. Uber retains the same share.

Toyota said on Monday it would pay Lyft $ 200m ahead to take over the self-driving sector, a powerful 300-level group called “Level 5” – a desire for independence regardless of weather or region – and agreed to pay another $ 350 m over five years.

The department is involved in a new version of the Toyota Woven Planet, which is said to be “working to create a happier world…[by]changing the way people live, moving and playing through new ways and managing money in cars, robotics, smart cities and much more ”.

Woven Planet is owned by Toyota Guardian, which produces state-of-the-art driving assistance technology, and Toyota Chauffeur, which focuses on autonomy.

The Japanese team has been overseeing their own pilot project. Earlier this month he launched the Lexus with a “Level 2” self-driving system that includes features such as road changes.

It had previously planned to unveil a “Level 4” competition vehicle that supports poor road performance planned for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, but this was changed until the end of this year due to the epidemic.

Toyota owns a small stake in Aurora, where it has invested in Uber’s operating system, and in February it said it will work with Aurora to produce non-motorized vehicles.

James Kuffner, chief executive of Woven Planet, did not resolve any dispute between Lyft’s business dealings with Aurora. He also did not provide demonstrations on how common the profession might be.

But he said buying “brings together a dream group” of experts and scientists “.

For Lyft, a state-owned company from June 2019, the deal deducts $ 100m from annual expenditures and should “speed up the Lyft process” to a long-term goal to achieve “Ebitda profits”, the company said.

Lyft still believes in the future of self-sufficiency, but his efforts will be revived by the development of the car and the development and development of “third” technology on his network, Logan Green, chief executive officer.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the best driving companies to bring this expertise to market,” Green said.


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