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Recent Coronavirus: US vaccines Covid 230m


Gilead Science has announced plans to help India reduce the burden of remdesivir, a drug used in the Covid-19 treatment program, while the country is growing with new infections.

The California pharmaceutical company said in a statement on Monday evening that it would provide opportunities for those who are assisting with licensing and “technical expertise”, to help establish new manufacturing facilities and to provide the necessary “fast-paced development” for remdesivir.

The company said its seven licenses in India have “significantly increased the production” of remdesivir by increasing its size, adding new manufacturing facilities and integrating other contractors across the country.

“Although this is expected to increase the supply of needs in the coming weeks,” Gilead said, “it will provide at least 450,000 herbs to antiviral in India” to help access emergency medical care. “

Remdesivir had been hailed as a miracle drug in the treatment of Covid-19, but the World Health Organization last year confirmed that it did not improve the patient’s survival rate. This has been an important part of India’s efforts to treat coronavirus.

India has recently recorded a number of new coronavirus cases reported one day in each country, and the prevalence of the disease has made its hospitals more complex. Officials in New Delhi said prohibited use of oxygen-rich materials, except for essential industries.

Mid-April, India banned from exporting remdesivir due to complaints there will be fewer medications. A few days later, 800 shots of the drug were stolen from a government hospital in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh state, exacerbating the problem of access.

Europe and the UK designed to help India. Biden officials said Monday the US would send to 60m range of the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine overseas. Although the White House has not said where the jabs have gone, the inquiry from India is likely to be substantial.


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