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Total France reimburses gas sanctions against Myanmar

France’s TotalEnergies has approved sanctions on Myanmar gas bills, a change in which campaigners say they can raise funds to support General Min Aung Hlaing’s military.

The leader of the French superpower Patrick Pouyanné has agreed to support the sanctions in the letter Human Rights Watch, along with other human rights organizations, has been pressuring oil officials to suspend payments to Myanmar-controlled organizations.

“I can confirm that our company, in the last few months, has consulted with French and American officials regarding the imposition of sanctions that have affected the financial system,” Pouyanné wrote in a letter published by Human Rights Watch late Thursday.

“He is well aware that TotalEnergies not only follows any decision from European or American officials, but also supports the imposition of the sanctions they want.”

Natural gas projects generate more than $ 1bn a year for the Myanmar junta, which seizes power from the elected president. Aung San Suu Kyi in a conspiracy last year and has arrested or killed thousands of people in riots.

Everything works in Yadana, Myanmar the coastal gas tower with its pipelines with Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise, Chevron, and the Thai PTT team as partners. The powerful French and US powers have faced difficulties since the federal government, foreign campaigners and investors in Myanmar withdrew taxes and other funds from MOGE.

Total and Chevron already exist he protested He also said that tax cuts could put workers at risk or disrupt jobs in Yadana, which supplies gas to Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, and western Thailand.

Chevron and PTT did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Human Rights Watch called on the US and France to work together to improve sanctions.

Since the takeover, Myanmar has been a two minefield for multinational companies that do business that enables them to connect with the military. Norwegian Telecom Telecom has been struggling to get out of the country for years.

On Friday, an informant confirmed to Reuters reports that the Lebanese M1 mobile phone company will join Myanmar’s Shwe Byain Phyu Group to offer Telenor business to Southeast Asia.

The Norwegian government-backed group agreed last year to sell the business on the M1 for $ 105m after facing government pressure. to establish communication skills. But the process set aside selling, wanting M1 to take a local friend to sell.

Myanmar military officials have now agreed to a deal between the M1 and Shwe Byain Phyu to buy Telenor’s domestic business, with Myanmar’s party to play a major role, according to a strategist.

Telenor said he had asked for permission to sell his property in Myanmar but declined to comment further on what he called “fiction.”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The Justice for Myanmar rights group urged Telenor to stop selling. “Shwe Byain Phyu is a well-known Myanmar military, and the M1 has a long history of doing business with the ruling authorities,” the group told the Financial Times. “They cannot be trusted to respect human rights.”

M1 and Shwe Byain Phyu were not available for comment.

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