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Intel is spending $ 20 billion to build a chip factory in Ohio

Intel has unveiled plans to build a major semiconductor facility in Ohio that Time – one that the CEO of the company Pat Gelsinger hopes to be “the world’s largest silicon manufacturing plant.” The company is investing $ 20 billion to build a 1,000-acre site in New Albany, just outside Columbus, Ohio. Intel’s original plans include the production of two semiconductor (or fabric) products in a space that can accommodate up to 3,000 people. Construction work on the site is expected to begin this year, and Intel expects the fabrics to be operational by 2025.

A Bloomberg a report at the end of 2021 states that the White House “very upset“Intel has expanded chip production in China. The government has been pressuring companies to manufacture chips in the US to address a global problem. In addition, companies have been pressuring the president to pay for semiconductor research and production. innovations take years, projects like these will not be able to address the shortcomings in the near future.

Intel said it was looking at 38 different US locations on the site but chose Ohio, because of all the sites it could use. The company does not want to build a facility that will evict residents, because that is what happened killed Amazon plans to build a second headquarters in NYC. Once the threads are finished, Intel will use them to make its own chips and customer chips under Intel Foundry Services. The company announced its launch activities since then revealed that it is building two factories in Arizona, which will cost Intel $ 20 billion, back in March 2021.

According to Gelsinger, the chipmaker has the potential to expand the Ohio area to 2,000 acres and to rebuild eight fabrics in the future. “We helped establish Silicon Valley,” said the CEO Time. “Now we will make Silicon Heartland.”

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