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Those who destroy the colonial pipelines claim to be ‘political’ and only make money


The hacking group thinks it has created a cyber threat itself choked the US pipeline last week released a statement stating that it was politically neutral. “We are political activists, we do not take part in politics, we should not build with a government that is known and seek our other goals,” he said. Darkness of darkness the redemptive party said on its page on the dark page, according to Women’s box.

The quake that followed the attack on the colonial pipeline, which supplies half of its fuel to the East Coast, is still being felt. Local news the place of sale is reporting risk of oil shortage, right Reuters states that several U.S. refineries are holding tanks to store refined oil in the Gulf Coast. Colonials, who closed the pipes in response to the rescue, said they expect to resume operations “by the end of the week.”

For his part, Darkside says his goal was to “make money” and not to create big chaos. In the future, it will change its approach to choosing goals to avoid “public problems.” The group’s comments come as US law enforcement officials continue to elaborate on the source of the attacks. While officials are trying to determine if this was an experiment from another country.

Yesterday, the FBI confirmed that Darksidehlengware – who is believed to be operated by a Russian terrorist group of the same name – used it to do so. According to New York Times, Authorities believe that the malware program was behind the activities of the colonists instead of monitoring the pipeline. Preliminary investigations are said to have uncovered security breaches that made it “easier” for thieves to enter the company’s network.

President Biden has stated that while there is no evidence of any involvement with the Russian government, “there is evidence that the actors’ ransom is in Russia.” He continued: “We are trying to deal with the FBI and the DOJ [Department of Justice] disrupting and prosecuting criminals. ”

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