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TikTok says it is testing a recruitment tool


more than just showing off or sharing subtly modified videos. Some manufacturers are and, soon, you can get a job on the platform.

The project is testing a recruiting tool, according to , Helping people find employment with companies, employers and businesses to find the ones they are looking for. Engadget has contacted TikTok for more details.

What he says can’t be cooked up at TikTok’s great program. It is said to be a web site where lists of job listings, many of which can be accessed. Since this is TikTok, you can send the video resume instead of the old unpleasant record, according to the report. You can add your own video to restart your profile.

Given the amount of time most young people spend at TikTok, it can be a great way for businesses to reach out to people who want to sign up. On the other hand, we can see many cases of people losing their jobs if companies look at their TikTok accounts. Therefore, it may be necessary to set up a second job account, depending on the type of job you want.

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