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Tel Aviv against eagles from Gaza


Hamas targeted Tel Aviv with multiple rockets as Israel intensified its attacks on the Gaza Strip, threatening to turn the two-day war into a major one.

The planes were recaptured as the clouds in the middle of Tel Aviv were illuminated by the Israeli Iron Dome Israeli defense that fired several rockets at the same time. One hit an empty bus in Holon south of Tel Aviv. At least six people have received medical treatment and others are expected to be injured.

The increase came just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, as Israeli forces sought to undermine Hamas’ mission with a series of bomb blasts, aimed at rocket launchers and military commanders.

“Hamas is receiving unexpected punches here,” Netanyahu said Tuesday evening. Hamas responded with a promise to attack Tel Aviv, saying it had launched 130 rockets at a time, possibly in an attempt to counter Israeli air security.

Security Minister Benny Gantz, who has ordered 5,000 troops to return to work, said in the past that Israeli airstrikes would continue until “his goals are met”.

Palestinians leave home bombed in Israel in Gaza City © Mahmud Hams / AFP / Getty

Officials in Gaza say 24 Palestinians have been killed, including nine children, although it is not known if all the dead are due to air strikes in Israel. Israel has killed at least 20 Hamas terrorists and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, according to the Israeli Army. With Israel taking a hard line, it warned that ordinary people could be killed. “Some of the shooting holes are inside ordinary people and it can’t be compared that there will be ordinary people,” he said.

Following internal pressures inside Jerusalem, the Gaza-based military fired stones into the city, the longest in Israel since 2014, Monday night. The Israelis reacted immediately with several shooting demonstrations.

This comes after Israeli police on Monday removed the al-Aqsa mosque from Jerusalem, a Muslim and Jewish shrine, injured hundreds of Muslims with tear gas, grenades and rubber bullets. Palestinians were outraged by the ban near the mosque and the expulsion of Arabs to give Jewish citizens a chance.

Egyptian, Qatari and UN officials representing Israel and Hamas want to work for peace, a Israeli official said on Tuesday. Israel has denied Hamas’ first chance to issue a verdict, Channel 12 TV said.

The US has criticized Hamas rocket, while the Arab League described Israel’s response to Gaza as “impartial and careless” and “a sad demonstration of the bloodshed of children”.

Indicating the magnitude of the violence, riots have broken out in several Israeli towns including Lod, Ramle and Jaffa. There were also disputes in Hebron in the West Bank. “There were wildfires yesterday, we can’t stand it, and young boys. “Our rule is to do everything we can to keep peace,” Netanyahu said.

In addition to the deaths, six Israelis were injured in rocket attacks, according to Israeli medicine. Two rockets hit a house and a mansion in Ashkelon, a town near the Gaza Strip, according to a special report on Kan Radio on Tuesday. He said 30 people were being treated at a nearby hospital.

Stones being sculpted from Gaza against Israel © AFP via Getty Images

Tensions were running high as the court’s ruling on the ban coincided with Israel’s annual celebration of Sunday Day, as the Israelites celebrated their defeat in Arab East Jerusalem in 1967. The court was adjourned.

Violence coincides with a difficult period in Israeli politics. Netanyahu’s role has weakened as negotiations on a successful alliance between rivals, which are nearing completion he removed the Prime Minister five times. His right-wing followers see expulsion from East Jerusalem as an integral part of the long-running Arab revolution in the Holy City.

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