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TikTok released the Guardian book to help parents understand the platform


TikTok has changed its approach Security and I spread it Guardian correction, a tool that explains how the program works and explains the best ways to keep users safe. It is aimed at parents and caregivers, and describes features such as Family Reunification, which allow caregivers to manage teen adolescents, including setting time-limiting restrictions, searching and sending messages.

TikTok Safety Center also released a list of new privacy, security and torture features. The program of Prevention of Bullying is a new tool that TikTok’s US Content Advisory Council has developed in collaboration with Cyberbullying Research Center, Net Family News and other organizations. It provides guidance on how to identify bullying, how to prevent harassment on the platform, and where victims can get help.

TikTok has changed slightly in recent months against platforms and harassment on the platform, including added features upset the insulting messages before they live.

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