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Blizzard enters the ‘Overwatch 2’ PvP on May 20


Blizzard will cover the future of players against the types of players in Defects and at the end of this month. To date, much of what the publisher has revealed about the results has revolved around the agreement and the story.

Renovators “are restoring the peak Defects experiences, “according to Blizzard, with new Push maps, more maps and” major changes to the game. ” he said by briefly changing that Defects and Overwatch League teams will be able to play two PvP games with the help of other developers. The stream will take place on Twitch and YouTube on May 20 on 3PM ET, and will give fans the first look at these updates.

Keller said the group will discuss “some of the changes that have been made Defects 2PvP. “He added that everything shown on livestream is still in development and work is in progress, so there is a chance that things will change in the past. Defects 2 finally released, maybe in 2022.

Blizzard will have a lot of future PvP revelations later this year. The group will also discuss more about the history of Defects The launch of Reddit AMA on May 24th, is the fifth celebration of the game.

Since Blizzard has a strong desire to make a connection between the next PvP aspect and the current game, many, if not all, of the changes shown in the stream will affect others Defects as well. The publisher discussed a number of PvP changes during BlizzConline during February, including an unimaginable potential that everyone in each group (tank, damage and support) would share. In any case, for the fans who have been there especially hunger new and more about Defects 2 while Blizzard is focused on development, the spread of pets seems to be a no-brainer.

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