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This drone follows the cries of the people (saving lives)

A team of researchers from German Fraunhofer FKIE Association has developed a drone that can detect people shouting. Although it sounds like a dystopian fiction, it is something he did to help the first audience find survivors after a natural disaster.

“(Drones) can cover larger areas in less time than rescuers or trained dogs on the ground,” Macarena Varela, one of the engineers on the project, told Washington newspaper. “If a house collapses, it can alert and help rescuers. They can go to places where they can’t fly or get there. ”

To make their own drone, the researchers began recording themselves by shouting, knocking and making other words that someone who needed help could make. He then used the technology to teach intellectual skills and adapted the software to filter the surrounding sound as drone sound. Outside of software and UAVs, the whole system is not complicated. The team used microphones that you can find on your smartphone, mainly because they want the drone lighting to be easy.

Varela said Page The Fraunhofer team FKIE performed several visual experiments when their drone was able to estimate where they were in “a few seconds” as soon as they heard the sound they were making. As a next step, the researchers are planning to add high-speed microphones to the images to better hear distant sounds.

This is not the first time we have seen scientists think of using words to increase the potential of a drone. Last year, a team of researchers from the University of Purdue developed a method that allowed UAVs to travel using four microphones and a speaker. Understandably, something could be coming out of this new project. The Fraunhofer FKIE team has told Page approached by a number of organizations that want to get involved.

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