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Facebook will add ‘distortion’ to its measurements

Facebook says his constituents to report on his fraudulent activities with the help of the Oversight Board. This change comes from about a user who posted a humorous poster “about what the Turkish government wants to do to end Armenia’s assassination.”

Facebook withdrew the message, citing its anti-rhetoric laws, but retaliated by the governing body claiming the company had erred in dealing with the operation. In his election, the Oversight Board that Facebook has previously stated that it differs from its rules on certain interests, but the policy has not been detailed. Now, Facebook is going to do a lot to explain how it works for funny words.

“We will add information to the Community Standards that is more obvious when we consider experiments as part of our analysis of content-related choices,” Facebook writes. “These changes allow groups to focus on experiments when trying to violate what they can say.”

The promise of changing the language of their culture is the only commitment that Facebook has made as a result of this issue. The commission offered a number of other suggestions, including that users could voice their opposition to the anti-Facebook laws when seeking a vote. Facebook said it was “testing the feasibility” of this and other ideas. The company said it was “developing a system to monitor jokes and experiments,” but that this could be difficult to explain to all its managers.

This is not the first time Facebook has changed its rules under the Oversight Board. The company has already reported on on committee recommendation. And the company agreed to go back to its side which allowed politicians to violate its rules.

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