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This AI Makes Robert De Niro Draw Lines in the Right German


Mann says Flawless is also highlighting how his expertise can help studios avoid cost overruns by having an actor appear to be talking about new lines. But he says some actors become insecure when they see themselves being used by AI. “It’s scary and wow, I answer the two I have,” she says.

Virginia Gardner, an artist who starred in Mann’s latest film and found himself speaking Spanish for Flawless’ programming, does not seem to be very worried, although he thinks AI-modified movies have also included self-denial. “I think this is the best way to deal with the theater to keep your performance,” he said in another language. “If you trust your director and believe that this approach will make the film better, then I don’t see a problem.”

The video presentation on AI is controversial — and for good reason. Free in-depth software that is able to exchange face-to-face video with more and more video is becoming more and more advanced in AI. The program identifies key points on a person’s face and uses a machine to study the person’s facial expressions.

This technology was used to create fake pornography and to destroy pornography that affected women. Experts are concerned that the depth of exposure to a prominent person at risk could spread lies and distort the decision.

Dealing with the problem on the shelf can lead to controversy in the video market. Darryl Marks, founder of Edit Fun, a Tel Aviv-based company that uses a cutting-edge AI tool, says it doesn’t know how others feel when they see how their work has changed, especially if it’s not known what happened with the computer. “If there’s a famous player, he can stop him,” he says.

Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, chief consultant for the Screen Actors Guild, said: “There is expertise in the use of this technology.” “But the use of technology like this should only be done if the participants are involved, and it is well worth it.”

Hao Li, a graphic designer who specializes in AI for facial recognition, says video editors and producers are showing an increasing interest in depth and parallel AI expertise. Deep production often requires algorithmic processing, but Li is working on video where high-end software allows the controller to see the player being updated in real time.

Li says that this is similar to how the use of digital images became very popular in the 2000’s. Now, thanks to AI, “suddenly everyone wants to do something,” he says.

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