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There is a New Shazam in Town, and Her Name is Mary Marvel

Seed of the New Shazam # Champion!  showing Mary with lightning around her.

Picture: DC Comics / Evan “Doc” Shaner

Since 1939, Billy Batson has been the only one to wear a hero’s suit against thunder. Shazam. Although he has a new movie Towards the end, DC Comics has decided to have a new champion to carry the title, with his sister Mary Bromfield coming on.

Announced by Polygon yesterday, DC is releasing new services from Josie Campbell (Iye-Ra) and a beloved graphic designer Evan “Doc” Shaner called New Champion of Shazam !. After Billy’s recent sacrifice left their entire powerful Shazam family powerless, Mary is trying to get used to being a first in college. But former Mary Marvel received a message from a talking rabbit with exciting news: Billy had chosen her as the new Champion.

“‘Who Mary is’ is the real heart of the joke,” Campbell told Polygon, adding that the book explores his feelings for various aspects of his life that he was forced to enter. “It really enlightens her and her needs and aspirations – like someone who was in the elite, has no power, reimburses her, then she has a lot of sudden decisions in front of her. That she has to act fast.”

The creative mindset is the transformation of the new Captain Marvel writer Evan Shaner.

Picture: DC Comics / Evan “Doc” Shaner

Although he was very fond of the man, Shaner told Polygon that he did not want to go back to anything related to Shazam since 2015. Communication event. But he always thought that Mary should be the leader of the book. That was one of the times I would return if it had happened. Even Mary played with them in the 1973’s Shazam! and 1995s The Power of Shazam !, has not written a book on his own since 1945 Mary Marvel. Shaner really understands the opportunity the two have for the man. “We look forward to the excitement and creative potential of the past [creator Otto] Binder did, “he said.” We also want to bring this to the attention of modern audiences and try to fit in with children or adults today. ”

The cover of The New Champion of Shazam # 1 shows Shazam standing in a circle with lightning around her.

Picture: DC Comics / Evan “Doc” Shaner

New Champion of Shazam will begin its four operations on February 8, 2022.

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