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The White House says it has disappointed Intel to increase chip production in China

The defense of President Biden is domestic production activities may have known effects on Intel’s plans. Bloomberg sources says the White House was “deeply disappointed” by Intel for not increasing chip production in China to help deal with chip shortages. Improvements would be made by the end of 2022, but Biden officials say they are concerned about security.

The semiconductor company has not stopped the future growth of production in China, according to experts. However, Intel believes there are “no plans” yet.

Intel did not explicitly endorse the government’s opposition in its statement, but did adopt “alternatives” to help meet chip requirements. The company looked at “several options” in line with the US, including the development of new culinary products in the US and Europe.

Such a method would not be surprising, if it were accurate. Biden will continue to monitor China’s expertise, until the law is signed ban Huawei and ZTE by receiving FCC network certificates. Although sources did not say much about security with Intel, company CEO Pat Gelsinger in the past also said that relying too much on Asian manufacturing represents a chain threat. There have also been past concerns that companies have misbehaved sharing knowledgeable knowledge and China.

While security would not be an issue, economic development could be a factor. Biden has pushed for more manufacturing in the US to address chip shortages, and the spread of Intel claims that China would oppose the idea. It would also not help to try to tackle China’s growth as a major economic power.

No matter what he thinks, a change in heart like this can also lead to a decrease in chip. While Intel is building US plants I am asking for help to make external ones, the experiments will take time and will not meet any of the shortcomings. Intel has to accept a temporary strike to meet White House targets, especially if it demands any factory refunds from the suspension. CHIPS Act.

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