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The ZOIA 2.0 update opens up a lot of power on a small stand

Results of the Queen ZOIA he had a lot of power when you asked me. Zake an independent approach that DIY effects design really let your mind run wild. But, there are a few patches in my library that push the graphics to its limits and output a CPU. In some cases, it can cause the pillar to land and fall. But, this should not worry now that there is a 2.0 firmware.

There are a few minor changes to ZOIA, but the indicator is the optimization number that the company claims to reduce patch CPU volume by 24%. This means that a madman with a bracelet a madman with eight loops playing at the same time will not bring ZOIA back into his figurative knees. Instead, you can create larger and more complex pieces. Maybe you can push it to 10 loops!

Another feature is the mixed CV section. This allows you to calculate the exact amount of electricity you want to go to for various other modules or combine several upcoming CV sources and use almost all of their output to streamline, say the amount of tremolo. As a result, you may experience a sudden onset of anxiety over a large amount of LFO-controlled doses, but the charges may vary to a lesser extent depending on your choice.

Several modules like the ADSR envelope and mixer feel new. And modules such as the ring modulator and the delay line receive minor modifications, such as being able to adjust the CV delay time and receive negative CV signals at low frequencies.

Unfortunately, there was no sampler component. The company says it is still working, but there is no ETA to reach.

ZOIA firmware 2.0 available now as a free download.

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