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The video ‘Battlefield 2042’ pays homage to another amazing player

It is valid: War of 2042 is the next in line for DICE long-term licensing to shoot a person. And in a revelation today, the EA publisher shared a trailer full of visuals showing what players can expect from Battlefield’s next release.

All of this happens for up to two minutes as soon as you watch the ATV take off the helicopter. This lays the foundation for what will happen. Starting at three minutes, we see two jets chasing each other. However, instead of playing like a dog fighting, the pilot pulls out the nose of their aircraft and removes the expertise to take him with a rocket launcher. He then takes the edge of the rooster to go back and forth.

The show is courtesy of Stun_gravy, maker of one of the most popular videos about the Battle You Can Find YouTube as well as the person most closely associated with RendeZook, the driver who is featured in the trailer. RendeZook returns for the first game in the series, 2002’s 1942 War. On this topic, one of the most amazing things aerial players can do is take out a plane after take off, take out their enemy with a bazooka and get back on board. Since jets make dizziness more difficult if you don’t have to improve your skills, RendeZook has become a gold standard in today’s Battlefield games.

And then War of 2042 write briefly. It celebrates what the DICE manufacturer called the “War Test Time” only. They are actors like RendeZook that offer game-playing opportunities are a big part of why so many people love this series so much and keep coming back year after year.

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