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The Premier League six has paid 22 million pounds for breaking the Super League

Six English clubs that have supported the European Super League have paid £ 22 million as they seek to relinquish their competitive status that sparked controversy.

The “kindness token” also follows the analogy of Uefa, the governing body of European football, in which the game’s governing body is keen to keep sanctions in place.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur will share the full amount, which is part of the £ 2.6bn in the 2019/20 season. The money will be used to fund football matches and districts.

Six have agreed to change the amendments which means that future attempts to start a new competition will be punishable by the removal of fines and fines. Each club would have been suspended for a fee of 30 and fined an additional £ 25m.

The Premier League, the World Cup, and the Football Association, the governing body of the game in England, announced on Wednesday, adding that six clubs have also admitted their “wrong”.

“The Premier League and the FA have been working together all along and this agreement will bring both of them together,” he said.

Super League he tried to renovate the pyramids of European football but failed with the help of fans. Since the collapse of the project, the Premier League has been working to ensure that there is no recurrence of the activity he attempted.

Sky News also mentioned for the first time about the payment.

The pressures forced the six clubs to resign a few days after the announcement, but the Premier League and other football officials are showing signs of improvement.

The UK government has set up a legal precautionary measure to monitor the conduct of football. The review, led by former state minister Tracey Crouch, assesses whether companies want to improve on their own. Club the owner it is also reckoned.

Clubs are owned by those with the most stocks. Despite the millions of dollars per game, it is common for teams to record losses. The coronavirus epidemic has exacerbated the financial crisis in football, with Europe’s top clubs losing up to $ 8.1bn in two seasons that have been marred by public health problems.

The penalty comes just weeks after Uefa took action against English teams, as well as AC Milan of Italy and Inter Milan and Spanish side Atlético Madrid.

Under a partnership with Uefa, the nine clubs have donated 15 million euros to rural areas and youth football in their area. The parties also agreed to pay between 5% of the European competition for one season, and received a € 100m fine if they tried to participate in another separate operation.

FC Barcelona of Spain and Real Madrid of Spain, and Juventus of Italy are still in dispute with the governing body. The three teams refused to back down in support of the race.

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