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The US military wants to suspend Covid vaccination during the epidemic


The U.S. lifted the suspension of the Covid-19 vaccine-wise vaccine by moving it that would provoke the pharmaceutical industry, which strongly opposes the so-called withdrawal.

Katherine Tai, chief marketing consultant, said that while U.S. regulators “strongly believe” in IP protection, it is helping to break the rules of vaccination.

“These are global health problems, and special cases of the Covid-19 epidemic require special measures,” Tai said in a statement.

Components of major coronavirus vaccine companies were affected by the announcement Wednesday. Shares of Moderna, BioNTech and Novavax fell between 5 and 7% in trade in New York, while Pfizer shares fell by about 1% before a return.

The companies did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A plan to allow countries to not neglect their own rights to health care related to the epidemic was developed at the World Trade Organization by India and South Africa in October, and was supported by about 60 countries.

Donald Trump’s administration strongly opposed the repatriation to the WTO, as well as the UK, EU and Switzerland, but Tai had shaken the U.S. pharmaceutical industry into a review.

Tai said the US would “take part” in the negotiations in writing at the WTO, but that the talks would take time to consider the agreement and the issues involved.

“Once our American vaccine has been protected, regulators will continue to expand their efforts – working with business organizations and all potential partners – to increase the production and distribution of vaccines,” Tai said.

“It will also help develop vaccines,” he added.

Tai and co-workers in recent weeks discussed the WTO’s IP rules with senior executives of pharmaceutical companies and vaccine manufacturers, trade unions, support groups and Seth Berkley, UN Gavi-backed UN chief of staff.

Speaking at a WTO meeting on the number of vaccines earlier this month, Tai said governments and financial institutions should play their part in “following the spirit” of the Commercial Real Estate Campaign. (Travel) agreement, which was born out of the HIV crisis.

Gregg Gonsalves, an assistant professor of infectious diseases at Yale School of Public Health, received Wednesday’s announcement as “the beginning”.

He added: “We want the document to be transparent and public. But as we have already said we need to transfer technology now and the US will use the $ 16bn already provided in the American Rescue Plan to establish a global and domestic base. There is no going back.”

Earlier this week, Anthony Fauci, senior medical adviser, said he was “skeptical” about the need for an apology, but cautioned against the politics behind it.

He said: “This movement, wasting time and lawyers on litigation disputes – is not the end. People are dying all over the world and we need to get vaccinated in their hands very quickly and effectively.”

His comments angered Biden’s freedom fighters, especially when interviewed by journalist Mehdi Hasan on his online TV show.

Saikat Chakrabati, President of the New Consensus left-wing group, responded to Fauci’s comments in a tweet: “The Waiving Covid certification is not in line with the provision of vaccines in these countries.”

He added: “You will not get the chance to be ‘agnostic” when you are the president’s top candidate. Nothing makes God known. Awareness means doing what is available, which is a choice. “


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