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Polish retailers are experimenting with affordable AI methods to reduce food waste


In the US only, the Department of Agriculture estimates 30 to 40 percent Food ends up in the garbage dumps. It is an environmental and economic crisis, with food pollution being one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions. The so-called start Nonsense thinks that machine learning can play a role in solving this problem.

The company has developed an AI management system to reduce the cost of food waste as it spends a lot of time on the shelves. The closer the sale is to the right the day before, the lower the price will be the purchase. And you will see everything on display at the grocery store on their shelves. After working since 2016, Empty is about to do so testing its software with Metro, a company that sells 678 retail stores in 24 countries around the world. The pair are preparing for the first time to use the technology in Macro Metro stores in Poland before using it in other markets.

Nonsense says his machine reduces food waste in stores by 40%. For the next few years, the company believes it could increase that number to 80 percent with a change in its technology. As you might expect, with such a widespread and important issue as food waste, various organizations are trying to do what they can to help. One of the most popular groups to solve this problem is Project Delta logos. Moonshot recently began testing computer screens for use in commercial kitchens.

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