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The US is using the $ 2bn threat of 6 countries on digital taxes

The US has threatened to reimburse $ 2bn worth of money from the UK and five other countries over disputes over corporate taxes, which could jeopardize maritime trade unless the parties end negotiations on a global tax agreement.

Office of the US Trade Representative He said it was compelling but to immediately suspend for six months taxes in Austria, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK as it completed a number of studies on how countries pay taxes to the US.

The announcement comes at a time when rich countries have not changed as they have changed international taxes. Biden’s executives have suggested a proposal to boost economic growth for corporate taxes from US tech companies and other major countries, while introducing global taxation.

The governments that introduce “digital services” have said that technology companies do not pay very little in the way they earn in most countries, probably because they write in low-income laws like Ireland. Washington has said the taxes are unfair because they have a significant impact on US companies.

Katherine Tai, US trade ambassador, said the six-month suspension would give more time for the international tax to continue, but would also give the US a “chance to set taxes… If necessary in the future”.

Biden officials in April offered new ideas to revive international taxes in an effort to disrupt the process disagreement on tax negotiations taking place in the OECD.

The US approach could apply to tax profits on large corporations, including the largest modern corporations in the US, regardless of their presence in the country to which they are assigned. It also required a at least global taxes of 21%, although the US recently said it would accept a minimum of 15%.

The UK would be hit hard by the new tax if the agreement to end them could not be reached, while exports from Britain to the US cost $ 887m a year with a 25% tax rate. Items to be criticized include perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, cosmetics and video games.

The US has already suspended prices by 25% $ 1.3bn is enough French handbags and cosmetics, at the first threat of hitting champagne with cheese and prices 100%.

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