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The next ‘war god’ will not be released until 2022

Although we do not have the exact release dates for the next honors section God of War or Too much list, the wait does not take long according to the Playstation Studio themeHermen Hulst.

In a recent interview with Playstation Blog, Hulst noted that “PlayStation Studios has more than 25 roles in size. About half of these are new IP. The other half, are roles set in franchises that PlayStation fans already know and love.” For example, Bend Studio, the rear panel very cruelly Days Gone, is working with a new IP based on the open source software developed for the game, Hulst said.

Hulst also had updates on the two most anticipated Playstation games, Distance: Forbidden West and the next God of War. All of them are currently developing but are “genuinely concerned with access to employment and skills,” Hulst complained. Regardless, she feels that way Too much he should still be ready to send the holiday season even though there is a chance he will be able to return in 2022 God of War, just imagine you won’t get your Spartan rage until the beginning of the new year.

Now, if you, like me, have a better chance of getting Jimmy Hoffa’s body than you are fighting for the PS5 right now, don’t worry about missing out on new positions. Hulst also confirmed that both roles, as well GT7, available on PS4 and PS5.

“You can’t make a team of more than 110 million PS4 players and then just walk away,” Hulst said. “I think that would be bad news for PS4 fans, and frankly it’s not really good. It’s possible to make a PS4 and PS5 theme – Prohibited Journey to the West, next God of War, GT7 – we will keep looking. And if the owners of PS4 want to play the game, they can. If they want to continue playing the PS5 version, this game should be included. “

The Playstation-to-PC pipelines remain open, Hulst noted, and The Days Are Gone as of May 18. He acknowledges that “We are still the first to prepare for the PC,” and “PlayStation remains the best place to play our PlayStation Studios roles to launch,” but if you have no problem waiting a few years, high-end titles today should be filtered to your desktop.

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