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The US has promised to reduce carbon emissions by 2030

Is Biden’s mortgage possible? So far, there is no clear map of how the US can achieve this new goal, but the White House is expected to come up with ideas and groups on how to achieve it by the end of this year. To achieve the goal of 2030 the US needs to restructure its economy and reduce its use of oil, gas, and coal. In particular, President Biden will need to continue a group of ideas for ambition spending $ 2.3 trillion on air pollution in the worst polluted areas, such as automobiles and power stations, and speeding up technological and technological innovation.

Results: Nat Keohane, head of the Environmental Defense Fund, a prominent US agency, he wrote that the new US target “meets the momentum and urgency of the climate crisis. It is in line with science, pushing global ambitions and accelerating the transformation of a strong, clean economy.”

“After many years the United States government is not working on climate change, today Biden’s management has given all of us a sound basis for hope,” said Rachel Cleetus, director and economist lead in the Climate and Energy Program in the Union. Concerned Scientists.

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