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New Facebook Bug Reveals Millions of Email

I’m smart to leave last month losing phone numbers of 500 million Facebook users, social media has a new privacy problem to deal with: a tool that, to a large extent, connects Facebook accounts and affiliate addresses, even if users choose preferences to keep them private.

A video released on Tuesday showed a researcher showing a tool called Facebook Email Search v1.0, which he said could be linked to Facebook he reads 5 million emails per day. The investigator – who said he went public after Facebook said he did not think the shortcomings he had found were “significant” enough to be corrected – fed the device a list of 65,000 email addresses and saw what happened.

“As you can see from the publications here, I get a lot of results from them,” said the researcher as the video showed the device compiling a list of addresses. “I’ve spent about $ 10 to buy 200 odd Facebook accounts. And within three minutes, I’ve managed to do this for 6,000 [email] accounts. “

Ars received the video only on video so it would not be shared. All relevant notes appear at the end of the post.

In a statement, Facebook said: “It appears we closed the report incorrectly before going to the appropriate panel. We appreciate the researcher sharing this information and taking action to reduce this issue as we follow up to better understand the results.”

A Facebook representative did not answer the question of whether the company had told the investigator that it did not consider the risk necessary to resolve the dispute. The spokesman said Facebook experts believe they will reduce the loss by banning the channels featured in the video.

The investigator, whom Ars agreed not to identify, said Facebook Email Search was concerned about the end-of-life threat he told Facebook recently but “they [Facebook] do not consider them necessary enough to be patches. “Earlier this year, Facebook came under the same threat as it had been planned.

“This is the same risk,” said the researcher. “And for some reason, even though I posted this on Facebook and informed them, they told me directly that they would not take any action.”

Facebook has been threatened not only by finding ways to access this information, but also by promoting the idea that it will not pose a threat to Facebook users. An email sent by the company anonymously to a Dutch publishing journalist More advised social media to “make this a major issue for companies and correct that this is happening on a regular basis.” Facebook has also helped differentiate between shooting and hacks or hacking.

It is not known if anyone used the virus to build a huge barn, but it would not surprise them. “I believe this is dangerous, and I want help to make this happen,” the researcher said.

Here is what the video says:

As a result, what I want to point out here is a threat within Facebook, which allows malicious users to ask for email addresses within Facebook, and for Facebook to retrieve the same users.

This works on end-to-end threats with Facebook, which I told them, informed them, um, that they don’t see it as necessary to be patched – which I see as a breach of privacy is a big problem.

This method is used by programs currently available on the turnaround panel.

It is currently being used to hack Facebook accounts to take over Websites and, ha, Facebook advertising accounts to make money. I have set up a visual model within JS.

What I have done here is to take 250 Facebook accounts, newly registered Facebook accounts, which I have bought online for about $ 10.

I have asked or are asking for 65,000 emails. And as you can see from the publications here, I get a lot of results from them.

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