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The U.S. economy has the best week of the year

The U.S. economy has registered the best week of the year, as investors have lifted inflation since 2008 and created debt to the government.

Results in 10 years Financial notes decreased by 0.03% to 1.45%, reducing its decline each week from June last year.

The move was driven by a decrease swelling expectations. 10-year-old prices have fallen by 0.08% to 2.34% this week.

The coldness of long-term inflation expectations has taken place despite Thursday, which shows an annual increase in the US customer prices go up up to 5% in June.

This reflects the growing willingness of investors to accept the Federal Reserve’s mantra for higher inflation to be temporary, ending only after last year’s economic comparison last year.

The program of 10-year Treasures Yield drowned 0.06% on Thursday, before taking 0.02% on Friday.

There have been dramatic changes in the world Government alliance market last month. Expectations for a 10-year inflation rose sharply since early 2013 in May, and 10-year-old Treasure yielded 1.70% at the time. Many financiers have set a budget that the Fed should address in the wake of the recent economic slowdown, inflation and government-sponsored loans amounting to $ 120bn per month.

Andrea Iannelli, managing director of Fidelity International, said, “Last month people were looking at inflation and just assuming that the big banks could not stand idly by.” “But women are waking up and that’s what to do.”

Investigators say the recent meeting was further fueled by a slight squeeze, as money changers who bet against the Treasury earlier this year were forced to throw a towel when the market protested.

Despite purchasing this week, many investors are still short on space, indicating that squeezing could continue and yields could fall, according to Ian Lyngen, head of US ideas at BMO Capital Markets.

A BMO customer survey last week found that 71% of retailers thought the next quarter of Treasury yields would be higher. “We have answered a number of questions on the basis of ‘How long will the current changes be?'” Lyngen said.

The line chart (%) shows the decline in prices emphasizing the low cost

Some expect it to be a Treasury meeting this week that could prove to be temporary, and inflation will not.

In these areas, the Fed needs to introduce market mitigation measures to reduce bond purchases, perhaps their meeting next week, according to Oliver Jones of Capital Economics.

The recent Rally “could just sit and relax after a quick sale” in the first quarter of the year, he said. We doubt it will continue. ”

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