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‘Competitive competition’ is a trend in US public schools | Competitive News


As part of a backlash against racism and inequality in American life, Republican lawmakers in the United States are moving to curb the debate over competition in public schools.

Legislation in more than a dozen states considers loans that could improve the way teachers teach about classroom competition. Many try to stop “the complex doctrine of competition”, The School of Psychology claims that the largest US corporations are by nature racist and constituted by their culture to advance whites.

Across the country, school board meetings have been held full of concerned parents. Fox News, the right-wing television station, has been airing warning sections for racing minds for weeks.

The debate is part of US census

This comes at a time when the US continues to fight racial inequality, a year after protests and riots broke out across the country following the genocide. George Floyd, An unarmed black man, in the hands of a white police officer.

This statistic has divided Americans into how they can control groups that contribute to racial segregation. It will force Americans to take a closer look at their country that others may want to avoid.

“It’s wonderful to have the best of both worlds. Americans find it difficult to reconcile things in a complex way. I don’t think we can accept the good and the bad together as part of our legacy, “said Marie Griffith, a professor at Washington University and author of Making the World Over: Confronting Racism, Misogyny, and Xenophobia in US History.

“We can learn from the hardships and pain in the past and do well without self-loathing. Your children will not start hating you and hating all your parents because they have learned this history. We must have the opportunity to fight this history.”

Arkansas, Idaho, Tennessee, Florida and Oklahoma have already enacted new laws banning public-school teaching on race. Other countries are considering similar legislation.

Republicans: The complex doctrine of competition divides

Florida Republican statesman Ron Desantis, who signed a document this week banning the teaching of competitive sports in public schools, said the new law protects children from being taught to define and discriminate against race.

“I think it will lead to more divisions,” Desantis said. “I think it will make people think of themselves as belonging to a certain ethnic group, not just because of their race and ethnicity but because of what they are trying to achieve in life.”

The Tennessee law, which came into effect on July 1, prohibits teachers from teaching that “a person, on the basis of race or ethnicity, has a right, racial, sexual, or oppressive status, whether intentionally or unknowingly.”

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, said it was important for schools to emphasize “American success” rather than on “divisive” topics.

The new law raises serious questions about the right to education and the power of governments to prevent bargaining – but important – national dialogue, says Adrienne Dixson, a professor at the University of Illinois who specializes in race and education.

“It is unfortunate that politicians want to deprive us of exactly what we can know, what we can think and what we can say. In this regard, “Dixson told Al Jazeera.” It should be a shock to everyone, regardless of race. “

The first question that divides both depends on whether one thinks that racism is a sign of wrongdoing or wrongdoing in the American government, business and education.

Jonathan Butcher, an academic specialist at the Conservative Heritage Foundation, says the ideals of nations should promote racist ideologies rather than diminish them.

“It’s very different to say that this is what we do that we oppose and to say that the American government or government agencies are racist,” Butcher told Al Jazeera.

“It deprives children of the opportunity to realize the American promise that everyone will be free regardless of their skin color and legal status.”

Dixson, however, argued that the complex theory of running simply explores the true nature of American life that already existed.

“This is not a history of racial or ethnic ideologies. This is history. We know this well. We read the history and make sure we do not change it,” Dixson said.

“Discrimination should not be taken lightly when one uses racism or if there are sound reasons to discriminate against people of another race. But it may be connected with our beliefs in ways that we do not know because we have taught others the beliefs of who are right and who are wrong. ”


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