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The Taiwanese alliance warns of a move to China in search of a Covid vaccine

One of the few remaining organizations in Taiwan has warned that it could be forced to change its approach from Taipei to Beijing in order to get the Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

Carlos Alberto Madero, Honduras’ chief of staff, who is also the prime minister, told the Financial Times in an interview that the country wanted to avoid any alliance with Taipei. But he warned that getting a vaccine “was more important than anything else”.

The Central American country has failed to buy enough shares of Covid-19 and has been delayed in bringing in a signed agreement. That has vaccinated less than 1 percent of people among its people of 9m.

“This makes us very difficult,” Madero said. “[The] The people of Honduras are beginning to see that China is helping its allies and we are beginning to wonder why our people are not helping us. “

It can “lead to changes in foreign policy”.

Madero said Honduras went to the US for vaccination and was promised help but did not receive any.

The U.S. Department of State said Washington was “deeply concerned” about the plight of Honduras and said President Joe Biden had announced An 80m vaccine will be offered worldwide at the end of June. The prophet did not say whether Honduras would get anything.

Only 15 countries have close ties to Taiwan, of which China claims its territory. Any move from Honduras to Taiwan could bring fear to Washington.

Over the past five years, China has used its economic power to attract a third of Taiwan’s three countries, including Panama in 2017 and El Salvador and the Dominican Republic in 2018, to change its image.

The US recently reaffirmed its agreement with Paraguay after Asunción said China offered to offer the Covid-19 vaccine in exchange for Beijing. Antony Blinken, the United States secretary of state, summoned the president of Paraguay, in a statement issued by the US embassy.

The US, which once had a lot of power in the region, has publicly disappointed Latin American organizations remaining in Taiwan to change. After El Salvador severed ties with Taipei in 2018, Washington said see also his relationship and San Salvador.

Members of the “Quad”, security and ambassador between the US, Japan, India and Australia, have agreed in March to make a plan providing developing countries and jabs to deal with vaccination talks in China. But some councilors want the Biden team to increase its interest in its southern neighbors.

Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Marco Rubio, a Republican senator, have called on the President to vaccinate Latin America and the Caribbean, citing the need to oppose China.

“Without cooperation and leadership in the US, our competitors will continue to try to use the ineffective vaccine as an opportunity to encourage Latin American and Caribbean countries to support dialogue contrary to ours,” cinematics wrote in a letter last week.

China has shipped more than half of the 144m vaccines distributed to 10 Latin American populations, according to FT analysis.

The advent of the Chinese vaccine in El Salvador has helped it eat up to 16% of the population.

Honduras has tried to buy a Chinese vaccine but has not been able to find a deal.

“We think geopolitics is involved in vaccination,” Madero said. “Obviously, you start to see that countries that are closely allied with China have a chance to get vaccinated.”

Juan Orlando Hernández, President of Honduras, has urged the possibility of opening a Chinese trade office to try to improve relations.

Taipei is struggling to find a vaccine for its people in the middle of the first plague of Covid-19.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry has criticized China for “using the vaccine to exchange political and economic benefits urgently”, which it said was “a disgrace”.

Additional reports of Katrina Manson in Washington

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