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The Russian tennis player has been arrested in the French Open for questioning

Russian tennis player Yana Sizikova has been detained at the French Open for questioning during a match, and cast a spell on one of the country’s biggest tournaments.

An employee of the French Tennis Federation confirmed the arrest by French police and said a police investigation was underway.

The player was arrested Thursday night for “what was supposed to have happened in September 2020”, the Paris attorney general’s office told the Associated Press. His remarks are related to match-fixing, one person reported the matter to the Financial Times.

Sizikova was released Friday, his lawyer, Frederic Belot, told Reuters.

In September, French prosecutors opened an investigation into allegations of “organized crime” and “fraudulent and trivial corruption” in what is said to be a series of two women’s matches at the 2020 French Open.

The investigation involves a match between Andreea Mitu and two Romanian and Patricia Maria Tig, and Sizikova and an American Madison Brengle. The Romanians won the game before relegation.

Belot explained that Sizikova and her two teammates lost the game deliberately, while the Russians made two mistakes.

He also said that Sizikova contacted tennis officials last year and explained to them, what he said was “satisfactory”.

“It is because of the calm and confidence that Yana Sizikova traveled to Paris last week to compete in the 2021 French Open Women’s competition,” Belot said.

“She and her father were shocked when they were arrested.”

Sizikova, 26, ranks 101st in the world twice and 765 in individual competitions. In all, she has won $ 206,617 as a prize, according to the Women’s Tennis Association.

He and his twin partner were knocked out of the French Open late Thursday night, losing straight.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency, an anti-corruption watchdog, could temporarily suspend a player if convicted, a person close to the agency said. The body, set up by the sport’s governing body, has discussed the matter with French police, the man said.

In May, Kazakhstan’s tennis player Roman Khassanov was banned for 10 years after pleading guilty to corruption. In January, ITIA banned two Russian players for life after investigating the game.

In 2016, Novak Djokovic, the world’s top male male player, described how he does refused the way deliberately throwing a match at a young age.

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Tennis and football are two of the most influential sports for terrorists, according to Europol, the EU’s legal watchdog, who have warned that the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus in sports and wealth could increase the risk of fraud.

Last August, Europol warned of an increase in match-fixing in tennis, with Eurasian militant groups “taking part” in the game.

Evidence shows that approximately 500 tennis matches were changed between 2014 and 2018, according to the regulatory body. Match producers can try to steal game results, special games, games or activities.

Sizikova’s arrest is the most controversial in the French Open this year, one of the first four games in the game. Earlier this week, a few were elected Naomi Osaka left from the ceremony refers to the mental health after the press conferences.

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