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Facebook’s ‘Bulletin’ newsletter can be launched by the end of June

Facebook hopes to release Bulletin, its take a newsletter like Substack, in late June. According to Restart, the company plans to offer free and paid platforms. Much of the first newsletter Facebook wants to publish will come from authors who focus on sports, fashion and the environment. It will also be local news related to the company Writing Work.

And when the company uses Facebook to advertise the Bulletin, Restart says the platform is not available online. When you click the Bulletin link, it opens in another window. The reason for this is twofold, according to the people who spoke with the marketplace about the project. The first is that Facebook hopes to launch another type of Bulletin. The second is that the company wants it avoid paying for apps from Apple and Google. For writers, Facebook says it is setting up a platform as a way to connect an audience of nearly 2.9 billion strong people and use its opportunities to target other people to help them find paid readers.

Restart says Facebook has given journalists a two-year contract, the opportunity to leave after 12 months, to reassure them that they will do the job. In particular, the company says it is trying to avoid political writers.

“We want to do more to support independent journalists and professionals who build businesses and online audiences,” said Campbell Brown, vice president of Facebook’s global partner, he was told New York Times the platform stories when they first came out. “We’re exploring ways to help them benefit from the content we’ve built, such as Facebook News and subscriptions, and developing new support tools that journalists have found to be useful.”

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