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The Requirement Plan for the Experimental Ransom Exercises Long-Term Problems


Schools, hospitals, City of Atlanta. Garmin, Acer, Washington, DC, police. At this point no one is safe from the ransom plague. For the past several years, much-needed ransom has been needed and indiscriminate pursuit stay he grew up, restless. Today the recently formed public-private partnership is taking the initiative to work together.

The program of the whole frame, under the auspices of the Ransomware Task Force of the Institute for Security and Technology, also calls for a one-on-one response to liberation, rather than a historical comparison. Established in December, the operators account for Amazon Web Services, Cisco, and Microsoft among its members, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the Homeland Security department, and the United Kingdom National Crime agency. Based on the views of cybersecurity companies, respondents, nonprofits, government agencies, and alumni, the report calls on government agencies and governments to improve security, develop strategic plans, promote and enhance global cooperation, and streamline cryptocurrencies.

The requirements are also important, however, as the level of procurement from government agencies is subject to change. US Department of Justice soon special staff of redemption, and their Department of Defense announced in February to augment its efforts against the ransom. But organizations are not making decisions, and the United States has struggled in recent years to provide a united solution to redemption.

“We need to begin to see these issues as national and economic issues, not trade issues,” said Chris Painter, a former Department of Justice and White House security official who reported as President of the Global Forum on Professional Foundations Cyber. “I hope we get there, but it’s always been very difficult for us online to try to make people aware of these big issues.”

Thursday’s report clearly shows the dangers of the actors and what can reduce the risk. Law enforcement deals with a number of cases when investigating gangs; The plan outlines how the US can change its diplomatic relations to include more countries in response to the liberation, and to try to engage with the former refugee camps.

Painter says: “If we follow countries that are not only watching, but agreeing with this, it will be beneficial. He admits that it will not be easy, yet.” Russia is always difficult, “he says.

Some researchers hope to establish that if they put the idea in perspective, it could lead to a partnership between governmental and state agencies. “Major operations can be very effective,” said Crane Hassold, chief of security research at the email security company Agari. “The advantage of bringing secret services to work is that we understand the magnitude of the problem, because we see so much more every day. In the meantime, government agencies have the opportunity to use smaller devices in the surgical procedure. ”

The question, however, is whether the IST Rhlengware Task Force and the new US government agencies can interpret the new framework. The report calls for an office-based liaison body led by the National Security Council, a U.S. government agency, and an industry-led threat controlled by the White House.

“This requires positive action in a number of areas,” says Brett Callow, a threatening analyst at the Emsisoft antivirus company. “At the moment all the options are good, but getting organizations to follow is another matter. There are many areas where things can change, but it is not just a one-night stand. It will be a long and difficult process.”


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