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The J&J vaccine is back. The result comes from dependence.


Seema Shah, a medical specialist at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, says that although the stand was not appropriate, continuing to publish Johnson & Johnson’s non-stop shots to investigate the freezing would be the worst.

He says: “I keep thinking about the company. “If the FDA took a break, what signal would it send?”

Making choices can boost confidence

Many health care providers and government officials have reviewed the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which uses common viral technology to provide the necessary instructions, as an alternative to the MRNA vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna. Because it requires only one level, it is ideal for people who cannot stay in one place long enough to repeat the second level, such as college students as well as the homeless.

Most people just love to shoot once – either for fun or because they don’t like needles right away. Gig and shift crews can be included narrow windows how they can reach the time of vaccination, making Johnson & Johnson a better option.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is easy to distribute and control because it does not require the very cold temperatures that the mRNA vaccine needs. This makes it possible to receive vaccinations for out-of-home patients, rural people, and patients in advanced hospitals that may not have special freezers.

“If the FDA took a break, what signal would it send?”

Seema Shah, a physician at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago

But despite these advantages, the vaccine led to infidelity production issues and studies have shown was not effective in preventing infection: while the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were 95% and 94% effective in treating infectious diseases, Johnson & Johnson shots were 72% effective in combating serious cases. While this analogy is not perfect, seeing the topic of minority issues can add up, and those working to build confidence should consider them.

“There will be a need for more information to help people understand that we are not avoiding a bad vaccine on you – there is no bad vaccine that we can allow to be used,” says Fernandez Lynch. He also said that doctors now need to connect with patients to become more confident. They are the ones who can articulate the risk of the crisis, or provide alternatives to those involved.

Building trust is a long-term game, he says: “It’s not just about today; it’s not just about the J&J vaccine; It is not just a common vaccine. It is about faith in science, government, and health. ”

This story is part of Pandemic Technology Project, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.


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