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The Real Issue Is ‘Eternal’


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Either way, Chloe Zhao Forever it has never happened. It is the first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe he’s got a deaf hero (Lauren Ridloff’s Michari). Also the first to be gay (Phastos by Brian Tyree Henry). It is filled with natural light (Zhao’s signature), and full of rescuers – and evil – who have not been seen at the MCU. It also has the distinct difference of being first Marvel film to be acceptable rot pa Rotten Tomatoes.

Admittedly, the effects of Rotten Tomatoes are not everything — and in the event that everyone criticizes (hello, Twitter), they only provide enough information for each movie. But in Marvel’s film, a business designed to entertain people, (currently) 53 percent is low. It is also a symbol of what happens when a video, any video, is asked to be everything to everyone. Also, Forever and an indication of the magnitude of the pain leading to improved MCU.

People often combine conversation by pushing things forward with diversity and changing canon. Forever they do, but the complexity of the film does not match the actors and co-workers. Or even his style, which does not have the hypercolor sheen of many of its predecessors. Of course, that’s the story he’s trying to tell – as well as the amount of story he needed to match his 2-hour-37-minute running time.

The point is, Forever they have no runway. Now in its fourth phase, the MCU has not relied heavily on the mass media that builds on every issue that comes before them. Tony Stark doesn’t just go into waltz Spider-Man: Our return and let every man know who he is. There aren’t many movies of the original story that lead to high-stakes games like The avengers. In many ways, this benefits Zhao: He was free to make his own film without having to worry about being “adequate” with any other film in the MCU. There are no large cameos inside Forever, and Avengers and Thanos are mentioned later. But it also means he had to do the same with the 10 standalone movies and Avengers: Endgame-All who have lesser-known heroes than Spidey. His video also requires team drama, so he spends a lot of time between playing what is really the whole team. Captain America: Civil War. Too much.

Surprisingly, it is in this world news where the film is the best. Zhao likes to make time to connect with people. But sometimes they feel they don’t agree with it Forever ‘ many events. It also means that his film has to do a lot of short-term; Something that, perhaps, caused a time like Phastos to weep over his involvement in the history of the bombing of Hiroshima, an incident that has been recorded. another criticism. If even two or three of the film’s heroes have been given independent films in the past, it’s easy to think of Zhao. Forever be a thoughtful, emotional journey that is imminent. On the contrary, it is a very serious matter for everyone.


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