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The best coffee nerd gifts in your life

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On this holiday, why not encourage friends and family to expand their coffee-loving lifestyle. We have compiled a list of the best gifts for coffee lovers to buy this year, as well as options for brewing, drinking and more. And if someone special doesn’t like java, we have gifts that can work well for those who drink too.

Airplane Go

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Aeropress is a fun way to make one cup of coffee at home with equipment that doesn’t take up a lot of space in the cabinet. It is a flexible drink that gives you the opportunity to experience different times and energy while walking. I like to use it to make two strong cups of ice when I forget to make cold beer. For coffee lovers on your list who have regular establishments, Aeropress makes a great gift. And the Airplane Go it is very complex. It fits neatly inside the cup that you can make directly and is ideal for camping and walking. – Billy Steele, Senior News Editor

Buy Aeropress Go on Amazon – $ 32

Adagio Simplicitea original

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


Coffee is not everyone’s caffeine drink, either Adagio’s Simplicitea first set it is a thoughtful gift to give to a tea lover in your life. There is also a 12-ounce Borosilicate glass teapot with a stainless steel lid and a mesh ring, allowing them to make a firm tea and pouring it all out of one container. And you can choose the type of tea they like the most – black, green, herbs or best-selling ingredients – to accompany a new pot. Serious tea aficionados may already have their favorite brewing equipment, but this set is a great way for anyone who wants to leave traditional tea bags and dip their fingers in the rest of the loose tea world. – Valentina Palladino, Commerce Editor

Buy Simplicitea from Adagio – $ 24

Orchard Encore

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

The field

Although there are cheap coffee mills out there, very few of them have managed to do very well. Orchard Encore. The design of the conical burr offers unparalleled even grinding with 40 styles of different types of burrows. The hopper weighs eight ounces of whole beans and looks great so you can see the exact levels of delivery slowly. It’s simple, easy to use and will help the coffee expert on your list to produce the most advanced. -BS

Buy Orchard Encore on Amazon – $ 170

Brumate Toddy

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

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I’ve been a huge fan of Brumate products since I bought myself a Hopsulator Trio on a beach vacation a few years ago. I still use it regularly, in the hot and cold months. However, when the temperature starts to drop, I like to reach for hot drinks more often, so Toddy of Brumate mug insulated with a better method. The cup works well to keep the beverage hot or cold and its mark is a permanent cover. That thing has saved me from a greater cleansing than I can ever do. The average Toddy can weigh up to 16 ounces while the Toddy XL doubles the size of 32 ounces. In addition, it is a gift that someone on your list can use throughout the year. -BS

Buy Toddy at Brumate – $ 30

Cosori Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

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A good kettle is essential if you want to develop a home brewing game, and it can help you make a bunch of other things like tea, ramen and more. Cosori’s Gooseneck Electric Kettle carries the essentials in a smaller kettle which can also be retail for $ 70. Goosenecks can be dangerous but they give you a lot of flexibility when you add Chemex, and we think Cosori, with a matte black look, also looks great on most papers. It has a stainless steel interior and five hot presets so you can get the best heat for things like green tea, black coffee and much more. In addition, the “hold temp” method allows you to set up and forget a little water; you can turn it on before you start your morning routine and head back to the very hot water, ready for anything that might take you that morning. – VP

Buy a Cosori electric kettle on Amazon – $ 70

Ember Mug 2

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

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I’ll be honest: when I first saw Ember’s traveling cups, I thought it was silly. Most insulated tumblers can keep your beer warm for a long time to drink. However, my attitude changed dramatically when I found out Group 2 for Father’s Day. An added cup makes your coffee or tea heat up to the desired temperature in the Ember program. Battery life may be better, but it works. And if you want to do that, you can set it up for a fee to upgrade your electricity supply. -BS

Buy Ember Mug 2 at Amazon – $ 130

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

My friend

For something less heavy tech, the Carter anywhere Mug from Fellow is one of my favorites right now. It keeps the coffee warm and cool in the cold even without cover. When closed, it can keep drinks warm for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours. Above are beautiful lips that give a delicious drink experience. It sounds weird, I know, but I’m not impressed when I say these cups are fun to drink. The inside is also coated with ceramic, so you don’t get the metallic taste that is given by many travel cups. -BS

Buy Fellow Cart Cups on Amazon – $ 30

Hario Mizudashi

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


It may seem silly to give a cold pot as a holiday gift, but trust me, when that person makes their first team, they will thank you over and over again – no matter what time of year it is. I’ve been using it Hario Mizudashi for several years now. Instead, I have two to make sure I have enough cold beer for the summer. The real secret here is a basket out there. You can remove it after dancing all night, rinse it under warm water and the remaining jar is there to store your coffee until you need it. -BS

Buy Hario Mizudashi on Amazon – $ 22

Technivorm Mochamaster KBGT

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021


If you are shopping for a fan who can spend more minutes in the morning doing more than just cooking by hand, Technocorm Moccamaster Line it is worth a look. He is an expensive coffee maker, but he imitates the way he burns excess alcohol without … well, pouring. The coffee snail releases water from the brew basket instead of moving steadily as it does for coffee. KBGT also has a hot carafe and only suspends the release time if you need an initial upgrade. -BS

Buy Technivorm Mochamaste at Williams-Sonoma – $ 340

Coffee registration

The coffee cup is the third generation pouring coffee makers on the rocks

yalcinsonat1 via Getty Images

What do you find for a coffee man who has it all? Well, we always try to try new beans. Many coffee makers offer a different type of registration and different frequencies depending on what they drink. And even if they don’t, you can send a bag or two as a one-time gift. Some of my favorites include Hatchet in Boone, North Carolina, Dark Things in Chicago I Vesta in Las Vegas, which has been a lifesaver at CES.

Buy Hatchet Coffee Roasters
Buy Black Coffee
Buy Vesta Coffee Roasters

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