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The price of the Apple Watch Series 6 also drops to the new $ 249

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Discount back-to-back Apple Watch 6 Series they have seen double beats in less than 24 hours. Amazon and Best Buy has taken another $ 50 on the 40mm Product Red and GPS model to bring in $ 249, saving $ 150 from the original price. The latest cut means the smartwatch is now $ 30 cheaper than Apple’s entry point, the Watch SE, although it offers many other health-related features. You have to be diligent, however, as this opportunity is available today.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 6 Product Red edition on Amazon – $ 249 Buy Apple Watch Series 6 Product Red edition at Best Buy – $ 249

As an additional incentive, Best Buy is also throwing six months of Apple Fitness +, a fitness register designed for use with the Apple Watch. You usually pay $ 10 a month to earn, so advertising is a great way to test the water. As we’ve seen in our review, Fitness + is closely associated with Apple’s smartwatch, which integrates fitness videos and displays movements like height, heart rate and progress in your hand. Apple Music also allows you to see which songs will be sung in class in advance and add them to your page.

In the meantime, you should know about the best-selling smartwatch at Apple. But, in short, the Watch Series 6 is the best option for iPhone owners. While Apple didn’t deviate from the pre-designed design, it also added an interesting twist under the hood. These include a blood sensor, ECG and a fixed altimeter. In addition, it is advanced, smooth and boasts a battery size and much faster than the Watch Series 5.

Obviously, you have to dig up the red color, but for good reason. Some of Product Red’s products go to HIV / AIDS humanitarian organizations, which are currently in dire need of basic health care affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

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