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The owners’ profiles of Google benefit after the plague has been confirmed


Google parental characters said today earned $ 55.3 billion over the past three months – up 34% compared to this time last year. (If you want to know, Wall Street stocks expect a growth rate of about 25%.) Total revenues from the company jumped dramatically, from $ 6.8 billion in Q1 2020 to $ 17.9 billion a quarter this year.

This huge increase shouldn’t surprise us – because we spent most of last year’s early epidemic that prompted some businesses to waste their advertising revenue. Those advertising dollars are the ones that keep Google green, and there are very few that can work with it, The post that happened last year to send the wrong money compared to all their FAANG counterparts. However, the new release of Brands is another sign that companies are slowly returning to business as usual – or the like.

“Last year, people turned to Google Search and more online services for more information, connections and entertainment,” said Google CEO Sundar Photayi. “We will continue to focus on providing reliable humanitarian assistance around the world.”

YouTube could be a great example of the Writing work that did well during the epidemic; Ads run on the platform account for $ 6 billion of all Alphabet-funded revenue. (This starts at about $ 4 billion when people are just staying home fast.) The blogs also talked about the new Google Cloud business, which generates more than $ 4 billion. Meanwhile, a group of “Betting Others” in Letters – which includes businesses such as Waymo and Verily’s independent operating company – which took place has been successful year after year. Both organizations earned about $ 60 million more than last year, but the resulting losses were estimated at about $ 1.1 billion.

The steady acquisition of Google’s financial services (which comes from the Play Store, Google One and others), as well as the success of its advertising activities, means that Labels are looking for a quarter. On publishing, the value of the companies it owns is approximately 4.2% on sales per hour.

While the gradual reopening of the vaccine has helped to create more wind in the Alphabet, the company continues to be closely monitored by regulators around the world for anti-competitive practices.

Last month, Google’s try disabling cookies following another in its Chrome browser attracted interest from the U.S. Department of Justice, which compelled the investigating giant to explain how the changes that might be affected could affect advertisers and competitors in advertising. Recently, Match Group’s chief legal officer Jared Sine criticized Google for trying to intimidate his company by calling telephone representatives to explain Sine’s evidence to a Senate subcommittee. (Wilson White, Google’s chief of staff and government, denied that the question was more than just “an honest question,” according to CNBC.)

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