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The Novavax vaccine trial shows 90% effectiveness in combating Covid-19

The Novavax vaccine for Covid-19 was 90 percent effective in late tests in the US and Mexico and determined that it could address these problems, paving the way for the acceptance of another shot.

A company from Maryland – the same after 33 years, has not yet received treatment – said his vaccine provides 100% protection against Covid-19 trials. All Covid-19 cases in the vaccine group were mild.

The two-drug vaccine showed a 93% efficacy against various complications and impending interest, which represents a number of cases. It was 91% effective for people in high-risk groups, such as those over the age of 65 and those suffering from other disorders.

Stanley Erck, chief executive of Novavax, said the vaccine manufacturer was “now approaching” to “address the global health crisis of the Covid-19 vaccine”.

“Novavax continues to work hard to complete our mandate to deliver and deliver the vaccine, built on a clear and proven platform, to a country that still needs vaccination,” he said.

The company uses the traditional method of its vaccine but grows the protein in the moth’s cells, to grow faster, and then to put it into nanoparticles. This antigen, which teaches the body to recognize protein, is stimulated by a partner.

The data from the trial of approximately 30,000 participants in the US and Mexico are similar to the results previously published in the Novavax trials in the UK and South Africa. Then, it found out The vaccine was 96% effective against the original problem of Sars CoV-2.

But the vaccine was not effective against Beta, which originated in South Africa. Last week, Novavax said a vaccine made in these ways helped respond to the immune system animal and human studies against Beta and other types, which could lead to it being used as a booster.

When foreign tests were published in March, the company did not complete the rules and has been experiencing delays which have delayed its process. Monday Monday that it is supposed to meet the requirements of electronics, manufacturing and maintenance.

Novavax received $ 1.6bn from Operation Warp Speed, helping to raise $ 100m. The UK government has agreed to buy 60m units, as a joint venture while Novavax makes an important part of the vaccine on Stockton-on-Tees.

The vaccine was also shown to be tested in the US and Mexico, where there were fewer side effects, similar to those who took the gun and those who were on placebo. The most serious side effects were fatigue, headaches and muscle aches, as were many vaccines.

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