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The new port selection of the iMac does not necessarily represent the next MacBook Pro


I was on vacation when Apple did the event last week, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about it new iMacs to select a port. This says more about my nerve disease than anything else, but listen to me. The new iMac has been rumored for a long time, and the Intel’s silicon exchange with Apple’s M1 device was a great opportunity to offer an all-in-one upgrade.

And it is clear that this new design is a sign of things to come on the entire Mac Mac, as rumors have been circulating for several months of major changes coming to the MacBook Pro. Several reports say the laptop loses the worst Touch Bar and gets a magnetic charger, among other things. Compared to the new iMac, the MagSafe car charger seems to be possible, and the iMac’s curves and edges that mimic the iPad and iPhone can detect what the new MacBooks look like. And with the iPad Air and iMac in a variety of colors, we can finally find the latest innovations in Apple’s smartphone applications.


Unfortunately, if the updated iMac shows where Apple is going, it makes me think that the future rumors of MacBooks restoring their ports are not correct. The original iMac has two USB 4 / Thunderbolt ports. Two! The most expensive iMac plugs drop several USB-C ports, four. The old 21.5-inch iMac had four USB-A ports including USB-C / Thunderbolt connectivity, as well as an SD card reader and Ethernet jack.

Apple’s focus on laptops is bad, but it makes sense on the iMac. Yes, it is very thin and the space inside is original, but is it too solid not to include old USB ports to keep computer users out of the dongleworld? It is particularly absurd considering that Apple included USB-A ports on the M1-based Mac mini, indicating that there is no good reason to release them on the M1 iMac.

I understand that Apple is eager to tackle the connections that it sees as obsolete; has been doing this for many years. It’s another part of Apple to make the Mac look like an iPad and as computers in their 30s and 40s grow up using it. And of course, I have now come to the point where I have fewer USB-A devices, because this would not affect me much. The iMac is Apple’s desktop that has been used for the average user, and it’s clear that the company thinks most people don’t care about USB-A right now.

Update for Apple iMac 2021


While I’m worried that the new iMac is losing connectivity, I think it’s a bad sign for Apple’s next-generation laptops. In January, researcher and reliable forecaster for Apple Ming-Chi Kuo said the next MacBook Pro could have more I / O options than the current models, though he did not say exactly what they might include. Most people expect it to include a USB-A port, an SD card reader or an HDMI connector – all of which were integrated into the MacBook Pro until 2016.

But if the iMac shows where Apple is heading in the next few years, last week’s upgrades will throw cold water on the MacBook and everything in the old I / O ways. consumer work does not work on its most powerful computers. But Apple is no longer known for exactly reversing its decision. The company eventually responded to customer complaints and Promotion of journalism of the “butterfly keyboard” in its MacBook series; introduced a smaller, faulty keyboard with a better way, designed in many ways. But in the meantime, the complaints of losing USB-A, HDMI, and other “input” ports have dropped – and while there are many Mac users who would appreciate it for their return, I hope not the same. Thanks to my friends and acquaintances who desperately need an SD card or just want to plug in a USB mouse, I believe I was wrong.

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