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The most prosperous city in the world? The follow-up makes Auckland residents wonder

It has beautiful beaches, tropical climate and multiculturalism that has encouraged a mix of food, music and art. But is Auckland, the farthest part of the South Pacific the most populous city in the world?

A research and the Economist Intelligence Unit released this week is based in New Zealand on the outskirts of Vienna, Melbourne and others who have won in the past, thanks to their support of the Covid-19.

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, slammed for fourth place, while four Australian cities ranked 10 best.

The study compared 140 cities around the world in terms of sustainability, health care, culture, infrastructure and much more.

“New Zealand’s strong closure allowed their group to be reopened and allowed citizens of cities like Auckland and Wellington to live a life that seemed to be similar to the old epidemic,” said Upasana Dutt, EIU chief of staff.

The king surprised some New Zealanders, who pointed to the town housing problems, car gridlock with low pay. Auckland was recently traditionally the fourth cheapest city to live in in the world is Demographia.

Cities in Europe and Canada were disrupted by the Economist test due to severe health problems due to the second wave of Covid-19 cases and the need for border control.

Compared to the number of people living in cities in Europe or North America in recent years, Auckland’s population of 1.7m has enjoyed a beautiful lifestyle. In February, the “city of travel” took place American’s Cup yacht competition, as spectators flocked to rugby, concerts and other long-distance events.

Schools have been very open as the first election for officials closing the country’s borders and setting demographic limits reduced the number of cases in New Zealand to at least 2,700 cases, resulting in 26 deaths.

Friday marks 104 days from now the last case of the Covid-19 regional publisher was reported, on February 28th.

Not surprisingly, more than 40,000 New Zealanders have it returned from overseas since the outbreak last year, forcing people across the country to exceed 5m at the end of last year.

Jane Henley, who resigned from the World Bank in Washington to return to Auckland after the outbreak began.

Mr Henley says he returned home a little earlier than he had hoped due to concerns about gun control in the US. But they don’t care at all, mentioning Auckland culture, discovering nature and going backwards.

Fans flocked to see the Crowded House team at a rally in Auckland © Steve Dykes / AP

But Henley, an expert in construction, admitted that Auckland had many problems, including heavy traffic, expensive housing, and low wages.

“Housing prices are the same as in London or New York, or at least compared with rent. But the price is very low compared to the cost of housing, ”he said.

Household prices in Auckland have risen by 21% year-on-year to the end of May, with house prices now at $ 1.3m (US $ 934,000), according to QV, a New Zealand property valuation company.

New Zealand is struggling with severe housing shortage, with about 22,000 people expected to wait for their homes despite Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern promising the 2017 election to address the problem of homelessness and inequality.

“The reality is that we have two cities,” said Jan Rutledge, general manager of De Paul’s house, an emergency services officer in Auckland.

“This is a beautiful city for those who have nice houses and jobs, but it is difficult for those who do not have.”

Covid-19 success in New Zealand has boosted its economy, which is projected to grow 2.9% in 2021. Unemployment is 4.7%.

The epidemic has also encouraged the production of movies in the country, projects and experts around the world are looking for a safer place and a safer life.

James Cameron draws several Avatar sequels to New Zealand and work continues on Amazon Lord of the Rings TV, where the government provides limited opportunities to help people who need to enter the country. International films will generate NZ $ 730m this year, according to the New Zealand Film Commission.

Cameron, a Canadian, and his wife Amis told an audience in Auckland this week that they live in New Zealand and are “in love”.

The video editor said the last four years have been “absolutely hell” in the US during President Trump’s tenure.

New Zealand has shown the world another way, adds Cameron. “I think of you, that you are partakers, and that you are to be committed to one another.”

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