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Chinese bloggers say Tesla threatened them with dirty suits

Chinese bloggers say they have been threatened with prosecution of Tesla for alleged wrongdoing by US car manufacturers, as they are waging a well-known war on the world’s largest automotive market.

The automotive electronics company this month set up an account on China’s popular microblog Weibo in its Chinese legal department. Some users claim that this account is being used to send out sensitive messages that warn against malicious activity.

Public opinion in China, one of Tesla’s largest markets, appears to be turning to a California automaker in recent months after the amount of conflict related to customer complaints about traffic problems

At least two accounts in Douyin, a Chinese-owned TikTok brand, have published letters in recent days apologizing for video coverage of Tesla’s findings after claiming to have received warnings from a car company.

By threatening to use legal means against critics, Tesla could follow the example of Chinese technology companies including Tencent, which owns challenged the bloggers according to the law of condemnation.

Such cases often require dismissal, apology and compensation.

“Ruifeng Auto”, one of the accounts, said it would “show up in depth” after posting a video in late May showing that Tesla’s new car brakes failed before leaving the showroom. The article admitted that his statement “is not true”.

On Wednesday, a woman whose show at the Shanghai Auto Show in April about braking violations helped boost Tesla’s online outrage after admitting to Jinri Toutiao, an affiliate program developed by TikTok ByteDance owner, that she was “tough” in forcing the company to pay.

He had previously asked Tesla to hand over his car to drivers and threatened to sue if the company did not do so.

On the same day, the “five-thousand-year-old rabbit”, a blogger who posted a picture of messages claiming to be Tesla threatening the case against Jinri Toutiao, apologized to the car manufacturer for initiating any lawsuit. Blogger called Tesla a “garbage company” and described him as a “terrorist”.

The blogger, who also insisted he had not done anything about Tesla, added: “I also believe that no one can create hatred. [towards Tesla] due to normal problems and in particular I hope that this problem will not be raised to a level [of] negotiations between China and the US. ”

He told the Financial Times that Tesla’s warning was said to have caused “problems for my career and my life” but declined to comment further.

Tesla, led by billionaire Elon Musk, faced dangers in China despite being in a competitive race with competitors © Pool / AFP via Getty Pictures

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from the Chinese office.

The US team, led by billionaire Elon Musk, has in recent months experienced a serious crisis in China as it faces increase competition from your local fighters.

Chinese journalists have criticized Tesla for initially saying it would not talk to people who ask for nonsense, saying it would not take customer complaints following what happened at the Shanghai Auto Show. This led the car manufacturer to sorry for the inconvenience.

Lei Xing, an independent automotive researcher in the US, compared Tesla’s problems in China to “soap opera”, which appears every day or every week.

Tesla leads the sale of high-end luxury cars in the electric car market in China. Its sales in the country rose 29% in May to 33,463 vehicles, according to a study by the China Passenger Car Association.

Chinese authorities have also been monitoring the company’s security and national concerns.

In March, some militants banned Tesla vehicles, fearing that their cameras and sensors could be used to collect confidential information. Tesla has denied that its vehicles were used in the investigation.

In May, Tesla set up a data center in China to comply with local laws banning the migration of people from outside the country.

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