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The Most Important Thing on a Ford F-150? Its price


All electric Ford The lightning F-150, released by the American automaker Wednesday, has some interesting ideas: Running from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds; sufficient strength to maintain the house for three days; and rear trunk (things you can fit in a car with no internal combustion engine). But the strangest thing about an Lightning electric car – sorry, too amazing– undoubtedly price: $ 39,974 per starting price.

This makes the electric F-150 cheaper than the overall electric competition. It’s the same with Tesla Model 3 sedan, The most popular EV in America, and even cheaper than the upcoming one Send carrying about $ 10,000. It’s cheaper, and tens of thousands, more The electric Hummer is coming, and an electronic boxboard from Amazon-sponsored origin Rivian.

Surprisingly: After calculating federal and federal taxes on the purchase of electric vehicles, the F-150’s electricity may be cheaper than the original gas and hybrid emissions. It will be cheaper, though, than other used F-150s.

This is a huge undertaking for EV. The case of electric cars is long: It is not cheap to maintain, because it has a few components; it’s fun to drive; and is a major factor in dealing with climate change. The U.S. Department of Transportation is the largest contributor to global warming, and 60% of those who come from automobiles and freight vehicles, such as photographs. Choose electricity for others, and the world is about to deal with the worst weather.

But price has always been a major barrier to EV interest. It’s hard to convince people to innovate, develop new strategies, and buy new things. Convince them to do all this, and pay more for the opportunity? No thanks. EV sales in the US are growing, but less than 2 percent of the cars sold in 2019 were electric, and great sale in California. Truck owners’ survey analysis by NPR found that only 7% pay a lot of money for a car because of nature.

Once electric cars pay the same amount as electric cars, the biggest problem in these companies is making sure there is enough space to pay for them.

Courtesy of Ford

Electronics Ford The F-150 could change that figure. “The value of this tree is going to be the highest of all,” said Costa Samaras, an associate professor of environmental science at Carnegie Mellon who studies energy. “The price is too high because it brings in people who would otherwise ignore it [an electric truck]. Now it’s like, ‘Well, maybe this electronic device can work.’ ”


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