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The key to quitting? Faith

In the spirit of any self-help volunteer / writer / businessman, I think I will take the opportunity to comment on my Failsafe Guide to Quit Cigarettes This Year. As the clock approaches midnight for another year of hope, humility and stumbling blocks, let me give you my guide on how to prevent the best. Here, my privacy policy. The best way to stop smoking is to stop.

Of course, as a way, it is not particularly interesting. It doesn’t come with deep meditation events to get you started on a “journey” of quitting. It also does not provide a lot of spicy spices to replace. I do not have counters, no nicotine blockers or any other tools, such as vases, to help you. And yet, my approach is in vain. To be sure, they will not succeed. Quitting smoking is difficult. I promise you it can happen. All you need to do is give them an outlet and the support they need to keep going.

It was three years since I wrote, boldly, about how I left for a week. It was probably too early to be so confident about my future non-smoking, but the ad compelled me to try. After more than two decades of breastfeeding Marlboros, I came to realize that smoking was not a pleasant experience. It was old, stinky, and expensive. Also, I could not stand the thought of causing my daughter’s addiction by leaving empty packs of cigarettes in the house.

People tend to develop hysteria because of quitting. They warn that nicotine can get in the way. We are often reminded of how people fail. Many healthcare providers in the UK are planning to end, with major budgets and subsidies provided to support groups, careers and support groups. Billions of other wealthy companies are bound by the idea that quitting will require new money – in hypnotherapy or acupuncture, in drug programs or in Allen Carr’s books.

After all, the story of smoking shows that quitting is not possible. The same goes for nicotine companies and those who want to prevent it, too. More than 5.2tn cigarettes will be consumed worldwide in 2019, at a cost of $ 705bn. The global smoking cessation market, meanwhile, is expected to reach about $ 64bn by 2026.

Having been told that quitting will be bad, many smokers are inclined to quit. I tried and failed the most recent attempt. But what no one really told me was that stopping is not difficult.

The last thought of ceasing to be in a relationship with my 10 to 20 daily cigarettes seemed like I was eliminating the switch. Instead of constantly reminding myself of the pauses I miss – I just shut up all thoughts instead. It’s really straight. And even in the face of such causes as the plague, the trauma and the loss of a family, I can honestly say that I did not smoke a single cigarette. Sure, I’ve been hanging out with some smokers, and sometimes I take a deep breath in the smoky room. But, except for a cool summer evening, I often miss my old friends.

Smoking was leaving fashion but Covid-19 has seen a resurgence. Although the UK plans to be smoky by 2030, in August Cancer Research UK found an 18-year number of 34-year-olds who claim to have smoked by a quarter: 652,000 more young people in England now identify themselves as smokers than they did before the epidemic began.

New Zealand faces a major challenge, with its goal of eradicating smoking in the next few decades. This month he announced an amazing law plan that would allow anyone 14 years of age or younger to buy cigarettes at any time in their lives.

Such restrictions, I would say, would not encourage young people to follow these new rules. Is it really possible to make smoking illegal to burn one’s barn?

But I am not a teenager. Also, I am not at risk of being illegally allowed to buy my nicotine. But I know I will not. I have run out of cigarettes – and when I voted for our relationship to be deep and meaningful, I am very rich, pink and, sadly, stupid now.

I am not writing this as a way to brag about the winner but to show that quitting is not hard to do. “You say I’m a smoker and I can smoke,” she says Alexa Chung, who quit last summer after quitting heavy smoking. “Once you realize you can’t have one,” she says of her success as a nonsmoker, “it feels like a piss.

So do not be deceived by false stories. This weekend we will see a few pieces that reinforce the idea that stopping requires a lot of “work”. There will be books and ideas. There will be new drugs to try. But the problem will not be solved, and that partial treatment is not exactly what you need. You just have to decide if the relationship is over, and throw your cigarettes into the barn.

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