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The Iraqi prime minister has survived an attempted drone strike


Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has survived an assassination attempt on Iraq, according to Iraqi military spokesman.

Kadhimi, who was unharmed, called the attack “fraudulent arrows” and asked for restraint. Iraqi forces say they are “doing the right thing,” but they do not know who is behind the violence.

The assassination rallies have sparked controversy as political parties seek to establish a government after last month’s election. Iranian-backed political parties, which see Kadhimi as pro-US, have said so declined to accept the results. The pro-Iran Fatah coalition gained only 16 seats, down from 40, indicating a decline in population, non-electoral means and public outrage over military violence.

Fatah’s aides, representing several Shia militias, tried to enter the Green Zone, Baghdad’s seat on Friday. Local journalists also reported that the violence by security forces left one person dead on Saturday.

Qais al-Khazali, the leader of the Iranian-backed militia, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, said on Twitter on Sunday that the blast should be investigated by a committee, and if it were true, we would “oppose. This operation”.

Khazali was photographed threatening Kadhimi on Saturday. “The blood of our martyrs will be returned to you,” Khazali said as he condemned the killing of a protester by Iraqi soldiers on Saturday.

Abu Ali al-Askary, a security official from the Shiite army Kita’ib Hizbollah, accused Kadhimi of “taking action.” Meanwhile, the war-torn media coverage, which operates on a text message, was ridiculed for attempted murder, saying “a living martyr Kadhimi has bombed Kadhimi”.

Elected in 2019, former senior diplomat Kadhimi was seen as a legitimate candidate in the US and Iran © REUTERS

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said on Twitter that the attempt was a “new heresy” from “foreign groups…. Iran’s Nournews, a coalition affiliated with the same organization, said the attack did not benefit Iranian-backed militants because they had denied allegations of vote-rigging.

Elected as prime minister after a series of protests at the end of 2019 ousted the previous government, former Kadhimi former intelligence chief was seen as a legitimate competitor to the US and Iran.

The Islamic State has a strong influence on neighboring Iraq through its Iraqi political forces and militias supporting them. But Kadhimi angered the military when he made it clear that he intended to prosecute them for their crimes.

Earlier governments tried to improve Iran’s powerful weapons by making them part of the state security apparatus, among others as a reward for their role in the fight against jihadist Isis terrorists.

Once the military elected candidates in the 2018 elections, it did well – Fatah became the second largest party in parliament. But the brutal crackdown on the 2019 protests tarnished their public image and the rampant tactics disrupted their performance in the October vote. An analysis A Chatham House correspondent also claimed that Fatah had garnered more votes than the victorious Sadrists, led by Shia cleric Moqtada al Sadr.

Sadrist won 73 of the 329 seats in the October parliamentary election, a minimum of 165 seats in the by-elections, but a figure that makes it the largest party in the polls to ensure a majority in the country has a say.

Maria Fantappie, MENA’s adviser for the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, wrote on Twitter that “security incidents continue as long as there is no stability among Shiites who give these groups a share in the government in line with pre-election expectations”.

Many strong Shia militants believe Kadhimi has taken action in the US to give in Iraq to Iranian army chief Qassem Soleiman, and his Iraqi lieutenant, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis. The U.S. military used drones in an attack on Baghdad airport.

Washington condemned Kadhimi’s attack earlier Sunday. The US Department of State says that this is “terrorism. . . focused on the heart of Iraq ”, and said the US was providing research assistance.


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