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China reaffirms its commitment to zero-Covid principles as new cases spread


China also reported a new outbreak of coronavirus on Saturday, a day after the government reaffirmed its commitment. strict measures designed to reduce the spread of the plague within its borders.

The National Health Commission on Sunday also reported 74 new cases in the past day, of which 50 of them were contagious. Most cases have reached 31 of its cases, with major outbreaks since the early days of coronavirus last year.

The announcement came after officials at a press conference in Beijing said China would continue to pursue its prevention measures even if other countries in the region abandoned their zero-Covid policies.

Wu Liangyou, a member of the National Health Commission, said China faced “a major and serious crisis in winter and spring tomorrow” in tackling the virus, as the epidemic continued to spread to neighboring countries and around the world.

In China, which is hosting the Winter Olympics for the first time in February next year, new cases are slowly declining in the middle of 2020 and the government is taking immediate action in anticipation of the worst pandemic since then.

Appearance of the most contagious Delta type in the country, which affected east of Nanjing in July, led to major measures to reduce its spread, including travel restrictions.

There are a growing number of serious cases in the country, which have reported nearly 1,000 new cases since mid-October. Last weekend, thousands of visitors attended closed inside Disneyland in Shanghai for testing a case related to theme park was found the day before. The government has also warned families that save food there was an accident.

China’s efforts to stem the tide come as a result of the economic downturn, with economists pointing out in recent months the implications of consumer spending cuts, including weakening of the economy and a lack of energy.

While total household spending in the third quarter declined steadily in one year, at 4.9 percent, Sunday’s confidence in China’s proceeds showed that it also helped to recover faster from the onset of the epidemic last year. In dollar terms, exports surpass expectations for a 27 percent rise in October each year.

“China’s economy is in shambles [a] The same is true in October as in previous months: exports remained strong due to global demand, while domestic activity declined due to the spread of Covid, “said Zhiwei Zhang, an economist at Pinpoint Asset Management.


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