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The German Bionic connected exoskeleton helps workers lift efficiently

We are far from perfect use Power Carriers but the advancement of exosuit technology is rapidly changing the way people work out in their daily lives – some designed to help rehabilitate patients with spinal injuries, others designed to add Marine military skills, and many built with simplicity make repetitive words less stressful to the people who practice them. Koma German Bionic claims to be the only one of them smart enough to learn from the user’s erroneous behavior: his 5th generation Cray X.

The Cray X fits the staff as a 7kg bag with waist straps that move the strap straps to the upper straps, making it easy for a person to carry and walk up to 30kg (66 lbs) with both legs and backs. . While it does not help the person’s shoulders and hands on the job, Cray X offers the Smart Safety Companion approach to help reduce the frequency of injuries that occur.

“It’s a real time to use back-end software and be able to alert the operator when the ergonomic risk is mounting,” Norma Steller, IoT’s German Bionic CEO, told Engadget. “For example, accepting a respite because we know that … repetition and stress can lead to fatigue, and fatigue can lead to injury. This is what we want to avoid.”

The SSC not only collects granular telemetry information – with what loads are elevated, ergonomic hazards such as twisting while lifting, and potential environmental hazards – it uses machine learning software to match the exoskeleton for operator wear through the OTA program. updates. Not only is this displayed to employees on a linked system, Cray X also sends content to the management team that allows supervisors to monitor their employees’ movements to ensure they are not overreacting.

“Since we collect every step and every promotion, what we offer is right,” Steller said. Cray data is collected from real-world events, not laboratory tests or experiments where employees have their best practices. “Especially in manufacturing, every step, every upgrade, every method is pre-planned. [that drop off is occurring]. ”

German Bionic

Steller sees Cray X as a “self-defense device” designed to ensure that employees do not overstay or overpower. “We are a self-defense tool, which is why we avoid injuries,” Steller added. “We are not considered medical professionals [device manufacturer]. We see ourselves as industrial exoskeletons. “Similarly, Cray X is IP54 Price due to dust and moisture so that it can work in all storage areas.

And even though the Cray X was designed to be worn and removed within a minute, it can be worn up to full time without being removed due to the new 40V fifth-generation battery.

“We used a hot switch so you can just leave it immediately without turning off the device,” Marius Kiss, Director of Mechanical R&D at Germany Bionic, told Engadget. “You can pull it off [spent battery] for the new one, install the old one on the charger – we use Makita battery charging stations within 30 to 40 minutes – then you can just move on. You can work as long as eight hours without removing the exoskeleton. ”

For practical purposes such as the modern generation of exoskeletal technologies today, the German Bionic group sees them as highly capable, and widespread, in the coming years. “My opinion is that we will see more special exoskeletons in the future because expertise is available.” Steller said. “I think they have entered our country, not just in the B2B factories. We will see them everywhere because we have the opportunity to expand our bodies and often people have the opportunity to do this.

“I see everyone on the street wearing exoskeletons in a different way,” said Eric Eitel, Director of Communications for Germany Bionic. “But I think the exoskeletons we are looking at in the future are the ones that are working. I see them as very small, smart and connected.”

And while technology is increasingly being used by consumers, Eitel believes exoskeletons can remain a common sight in the industry. “There are a lot of workplaces that I can’t create on my own and I think that will be the case for a long time. You still have to rely on people so we don’t want to change everyone. [automation]. ”

“We see robots as our partners, our products are our support,” added Kiss. “I think this might be possible, I mean, sometimes it makes sense. When you get into a dangerous situation, you have to change this. But why do we have to automate everything?”

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