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The Full Growth of Apple World is Near

Even something new in the iPhone Photos app that converts your photos into a photo and audio slideshow requires registration from Apple Music. To get the latest fitness offerings in Apple Fitness +, and use them on a larger screen, you need to sign up for Fitness +, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

With MacOS Monterey, which will soon be running on Mac computers and laptops, a new feature called Natural Rulership allows users to pair their Macs with iPads and use the keyboard or mouse on both devices. AirPlay will be back for Macs, so iPhone users can place their phones on the Mac screen. And MacOS Monterey also includes software updates available for iOS 15, including FaceTime experiences as well as the SharePlay section. Almost all roads are back to something Apple.

Not all of the software that Apple just announced was limited to Apple products. SharePlay will have an API, or plug-in program, software tools that allow other developers to create their own shared content on social media. A handful of downloaders have already signed up to allow their videos to be shared, including Hulu, Disney +, ESPN +, Twitch, and TikTok. FaceTime is coming online, which means that Android phone users and people with Windows PCs will be able to skip the same phones that have been blocked for years. Siri, Apple’s common voice assistant, can be seen speaking from within Apple’s third-party devices. Don’t forget that Siri is still worthless; at least now it works with Ecobee smart thermostat!

Apple’s distinctions will be more detailed, however. Just because you can use Apple apps on different apps or different devices doesn’t mean they will be pre-configured on the same devices as on the iPad or iPhone. FaceTime on the internet does not have Apple’s new SharePlay app, for example. Also those who play FaceTime on Android phones will not be able to use their videos. And even the Siri interface on the Ecobee thermostat they come with big fish: You need to purchase a $ 99 HomePod mini, Apple’s solution to the Amazon Echo, for Siri to work with Apple-free devices.

All About Apple

Some electronics experts and consumers — would say that all of these experiences are what make Apple’s products work all right than other methods out there. At times, the issue may be settled.

There are safety precautions, one. This type of integration supports the creation of things like iCloud +, which will be released later this year, include additional security features for Apple email client, unlimited storage of video clips and HomeKit protected cameras, and VPN-like features that masks your online browsing to Safari.

Ben Thompson, a researcher who writes Stratechery’s famous article and critically criticizes Apple’s App Store, says the letter that even sometimes enjoys the “good that comes with Apple’s great connectivity, using its tools and their environment.”

Thompson’s unique example is his use of AirDrop as part of his travels, and he says the new Quick Note, which makes the universe more recognizable by Apple, has tempted him to switch to Apple Notes. “Yes, the innovations come from the open and the idea of ​​allowing a thousand flowers to explode, but they can also come from directing and the ability to integrate in unfamiliar areas,” Thompson writes.

Teengsponential Greengart also has the sure hope of putting Apple at the forefront of its software and applications. He also said that Apple’s focus on its integrated app is often followed by a reduction in restrictions on developers that Apple puts on sensors and APIs that use Apple devices, which brings better apps to consumers. “I hope that someday, things that are on display to support the iOS environment, developers will play the same way,” he says.

You could call it the best idea of ​​the Apple method — the right description of the target field.

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