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The French regional outrage puts Macron at risk

The author is a professor at Queen Mary University in London and the author of ‘What Ails France.’? ‘

Voters across France are going to the polls this month Elections of provincial councils. The results will be reviewed to determine the results of next year’s Presidential and Parliamentary results election. However, political ideology in this country, no matter how difficult, can miss out on some important lessons.

This does not mean that the benefits of the regional elections. For most voters, elected by political parties will be proxies of President Emmanuel Macron or Water Le Pen, the leader of the Rassemblement National on the right, who appears to be an opponent – or “even above”.

In mayoral competitions, political positions – if any – often cost less than what they have lost. But this also applies to those who want to practice transportation, business development and health care provided in the 13th region.

In most cases interview published on May 27 in Zadig, a quarter after eight months, Macron spoke of the widespread fear and anger in the French public. With eager anticipation, he saw such (French) ideas emerge in the new Renaissance. Walking through the abyss, he explained 2018-19 yellow dress demonstrations as a revival of “one of the ideologies of our nation”: the violent Jacquerie, or the insurgency.

Walking skirts as a “legacy” surrounding the Macron president’s central event – a great encouragement to the working poor, especially from the oppressed towns and small towns. A place writer Christophe Guilluy nailed this left “back” problem in a popular book published seven years before his arrival yellow dress he came out immediately.

Recent political topics in France have been dominated by the new collapse of rules and regulations in areas with a predominantly Muslim population. The controversy erupted in April after writing an open letter from a group of retired ambassadors civil war warning. Although he received words of sympathy in the letter, a yellow dress the process is not normal: its main concerns are economic and financial.

At the root of the world’s problems lies in arbitrary logging, which began more than 50 years ago. But while earning a small life, today yellow dress to blame for their problems not on economic history but on government – due to high taxes and disruption of public services.

Critics of Guilluy’s doctrine against it The poorest regions receive more money than the national government. I don’t see any real contradiction here. The re-creation of administrative governments in 2015 to include government services in a small community of people who are said to serve rural and urban areas. Instead of feeling pressured to use written form to guide their approach, they pushed themselves Fewer areas we can only see the closure of schools and post offices as well as small grocery stores and frequent playgrounds.

Making decisions before they happen inspecting sections In early June, Macron appeared eager to show off his strong sense of humor and stress – rather than just telling them what to do. author Christian Bobin claims that the Parisian oligarchy arrogantly did not recognize the site as a “black pool of complaints and insurgents”.

What a dictator might have written historian Pierre Vermeren they call abandoned areas that they can no longer “Le Pen Land”, thinking it is safer that the inhabitants of this area are a smaller group than the people living in the city. Yet such thoughts now seem too good to be true. In contrast to the last presidential election in 2017, when Macron voted against Le Pen ended a breakdown between two or one, more recently Harris research It shows that the threshold for winning the President is now less than 54-46%. This indicates the spread of anger, but probably not in the new French Renaissance.

Macron told Zadig that the French crisis is not about development, but about the interests of industry. I think differently: the violation of the French mindset should start with a lot of improvement. While it’s not just a start, any results from this month’s election could lead to a burst of responses and competition.

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