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The four-week increase in England’s closure has shattered business prospects

Boris Johnson has dashed hopes of raising business finances after a delay in fully opening up the UK economy four weeks later due to rising coronavirus cases.

The UK Prime Minister said “now is the time to slow down” the opening, adding that a clever strategy “could save thousands of lives by vaccinating millions of people”.

The program of go to “fourth section” of government cuts were delayed due to the rapid spread of Delta diversity of the first coronavirus known in India. Traders will be asked to keep employees at home as much as possible – forcing them to reconsider as many companies – while nightclubs will be closed and borders will be kept for four weeks.

Companies are facing huge refunds in July although many will not be able to legally reopen or sell out entirely. Employers should begin to pay one-tenth of their income and expenses for their business.

Johnson’s government has spent £ 407bn on business to help with the crisis but the Federation of Small Businesses has asked ministers to delay funding – which provides for 80% of ordinary payments.

The FSB also urged the government to eliminate debt that could be repaid in closed businesses and increase funding for retail, hospitality and leisure companies.

“Businesses have spent thousands of dollars ordering food and beverages, selling tickets and promotional events in preparation for the day, while restaurants and bars have been working on the bank to fully reopen to recover the money lost in a year,” said Craig Beaumont, chief executive. external events at the FSB.

But Mr. Johnson forbade any changes in the timing of the connection to the sponsorship program or the sponsoring business.

“We have always made sure that the conspiracy continues to continue until September to see the spread of road maps. The chancellor has been very clear about this,” he said. a press conference on Downing Street. “Based on what we can see now on reserves, in terms of vaccinations, we don’t think we need to change.”

Officials at the hospitality company said a month-long delay in reopening the economy would cost a share of $ 3bn in lost sales. UKHospitality, which sells industrial products, says the new delay in reopening the economy will put 300,000 jobs at risk.

Next month, the NHS intends to offer two Covid-19 vaccines to two-thirds of adults in England, including all over the age of 40. All adults will be given one jab beforehand.

Although Johnson announced on July 19, when all bans should end, as a “deadline”, he did not mention any further delays if the comments indicate a medical risk.

“I am confident that we will not need more than four weeks and we will not have to continue on July 19. It is clear that the vaccine is working and the high release rate has made our environment better than before,” he said.

As of Monday, there were 7,742 cases of coronavirus it was said and three other deaths. The Prime Minister said the number of critically ill people was rising and Covid-19 cases were growing at 64% nationwide every week.

Some senior officials were dissatisfied with the delay as several Conservative MP MPs rebelled against the government, citing the success of the UK vaccination program.

The government said at the end of the season that it would not remove the entire plot until the end of September.

One government official said this was also a generous gesture compared to other countries including France, where companies now have to pay 25% of the government’s subsidy payments.

He added that the government has set aside £ 2bn, especially for councils to allocate funds to companies that are still struggling. Half of the money was still there, he added.

UK is still considering a temporary increase in rental work this week, which could give sellers and visitors some of the facilities provided to homeowners with a whopping £ 6bn loan for those who were closed during the epidemic.

The Prime Minister did this, however. The wedding cup will be removed from June 21 – indoors and outdoors – but social interaction will be needed, along with masks and dance venues.

As part of the government’s plans to reopen the West End in London, the production of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber Cinderella on Drury Lane is expected to be part of the next group of pilots at major conventions, and beyond Euro 2020 football match.

Lloyd Webber said he would bring a curtain to his show on June 21, even though the government banned it, and he has “Ready to be Arrested”. “That’s the only thing that can work,” said a Whitehall official.

Medical consultants and scientists believe the Delta’s risk is between 40 and 80% more than it would have been in Alpha. Delta’s new growth is growing at 70 percent weekly in the UK.

But new from Public Health England he showed his ability of two vaccines being used in the UK against Delta differences. The study found that the BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine is 96% effective in anti-hospital use, while the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is 92% effective.

Mary Ramsay, chief of the vaccine at PHE, confirmed that the jabs provide “significant protection” from Delta’s problems. “It’s very important to get these drugs as soon as they are given to you, so that you can be more protective of what is available and what’s coming,” he said.

Johnson was advised by Sir Lindsay Hoyle, a spokesman for Parliament, for failing to announce changes in parliament first.

“I can never agree that, once again, we see Downing Street running against the opposition,” he said.

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