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The first Canoo buyer will buy $ 35,000


Back in 2019, Canoo had a bold marketing strategy registration-only EV. Now, however, it looks like the plan has been saved, for a while. The company announced today that the upcoming car, called “Lifestyle Vehicle,” will have a starting price of $ 34,750. The cost may be as high as $ 49,950 prior to upgrades or other equipment. From today, you can save one for $ 100. Lifestyle Vehicle arrives in 2022.

On top of that, the company also announced its own POWER (starting at $ 33,000) is a freight car can also be reserved for $ 100. The shipment for those vehicles, however, is expected in 2023.

Canoo’s Life Vehicle is available in four categories: Base, Premium, Adventure and Shipping. The Adventure lounge features an extra-span space with a “very good look” with advanced bumpers and an added metal skid. According to the company, it will have 300 horses and a 332 lb-ft of high-torque torque with 250 km of battery.

The company has previously tried to authorize other car manufacturers such as Hyundai, perhaps to take Apple’s interest according to About, but a union it seems to have fallen.

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